Jackie Chan Adventures

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Jackie Chan Adventures is a Warner Brothers animated TV series which depicts a fictionalized version of film star Jackie Chan. Many of the episodes contain references to Chan's actual works.



  • J-Team
    • Jackie Chan (Chan live-action, James Sie animated) - Jackie is an archaeologist in the series who lives in San Francisco, with his Uncle. He is forced into many adventures after being spured on by his uncle and close friend to stop the Dark Hand from evils acts with magical artifacts and later went up against similar evil forces.
    • Jade Chan (Stacie Chan) - Jade is Jackie's Hong Kong-born niece, who quickly adapts to American culture. She is adventurous, and to that extent, frequently disobeys her uncle's advice to remain in safety, preferring to accompany Jackie as he uses his martial arts abilities.
    • Uncle Chan (Sab Shimono) - Uncle, as he is known (his actual name unrevealed), is the uncle to Jackie and great-uncle to Jade. He is an antique store owner, and an accomplished chi wizard, learning his skills from one Master Fong. He has a stereotypical Chinese accented drawl, and often uses Cantonese in many aspects of his speech (his magic incantation is, in fact, Cantonese slang). As a child, he was part of the Seven Little Fortunes opera troupe (a troupe that the real-life Jackie was a part of), and thus received opera school training. HIs character is ostensibly based on Charles Chan, the father to Jackie.
    • Tohru (Noah Nelson) - Tohru was once the large enforcer of the Dark Hand and personal servant of Valmont, its leader. However, he quickly changed allegiences when the Dark Hand manages to revive Shendu, who then double-crosses them. Forced to fight Shendu alone, he was quickly defeated, and subsequently turned himself into Section 13's authorities. After an ordeal that allowed Tohru some degree of freedom, he became Uncle's apprentice in his magic. In the later parts of the series, he is billed as a sumo wrestler, although having no training in such an area. In the fourth season, he is also found to be a descendant of a samurai.
    • Captain Augustus Black (Clancy Brown) - Captain Black is the head of Section 13 and Jackie Chan's longtime friend. Although he had strongly believed against the existence of magic (perhaps as a government policy), he quickly changed his beliefs when he saw Shendu with his own eyes. Since then, he is frequently covering up the actions of Jackie as he undertakes his various magic-related adventures.
    • El Toro Fuerte (Miguel Sandovan) - El Toro Fuerte (often abbreviated El Toro) is a Mexican masked luchador, who prides himself at never removing his mask. Originally the holder of the Ox Talisman, which granted super strength, he gives up the talisman to prove that his skills are legitimate.
    • Paco (Franco Velez) - Paco is El Toro Fuerte's #1 fan, who believes that El Toro is the greatest fighter ever. Although his belief has been questioned throughout the series, he remains loyal to El Toro, who had given him his own mask as a reward of loyalty, and became a sidekick to El Toro.
    • Viper (Susan Eisenberg) - Viper is an ex-thief who had, ironically enough, stolen the Snake Talisman before repenting her ways. Although there remains persistent doubts as to her trustworthiness, she is usually valued in times of need.
  • The Dark Hand
    • Valmont (Julian Sands in season one, Andrew Abelson season two onwards): the leader who hails from the United Kingdom
    • Finn (Andrew Baldwin) the Irish comedian of the Dark Hand
    • Ratso (Clancy Brown) - a dimwitted strongman
    • Chow'liu (James Sie) - the shortest member of the group
    • Hak Foo (Jim Cummings in season one, John DiMaggio seson two onwards) - the strongest member who always names the attack he is performing; made one appearance in Season 1 and in season 2 he was brought in as Tohru's replacement; after the hunt to free Shendu's siblings ended Hak Foo left the Dark hand and became a freelancer
  • Daolon Wong, a Dark Chi wizard
  • The Shadowkhan, a group of shadow warriors initially controlled by Shendu
  • Tarakudo, the king of all Shadowkhan
  • Ikazuki, Tarakudo's second-in-command.
  • The Demon Sorcerers
    • Tchang Zu of Thunder--Immortal Item is Castanets--Portal in Los Angeles
    • Po Kong of the Mountains--Immortal Item is Drum--Portal in Japan
    • Xiao Fung of Wind--Immortal Item is Fan--Portal in a prison
    • Hsi Wu of the Sky--Immortal Item is flute--Portal in San Fransisco
    • Tso Lan of the Moon--Immortal Item is Lotus--Portal is halfway between the Earth and the Moon
    • Dai Gui of Earth--Immortal Item is Flower--Portal in Spain
    • Bai Tza of Water--Immortal Item is Gourd--Portal in colosseum in Rome
    • Shendu, the Demon Sorcerer of Fire who was turned to stone by the ancient warrior Lo Pei--Immortal Item is Sword--Portal in China
  • Drago-Shendu's son who came back from the future to free him, then went after the demon sorcerers powers.

The Twelve Talismans

The Talismans appeared in the first season of the show, and have reappeared frequently since. Each of the twelve Talismans bears an engraving of one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and represents one of the magical powers that was stripped from Shendu when he was defeated by the immortal Lo Pei. The powers can be used by others, too, and are usually activated by holding in the hand. When the Talismans were destroyed by Jackie, their powers inhabited unique 'noble animals' of the type depicted on the talismans. The Talisman powers were removed from these animals and locked into talismans again at the end of Season 3. The talisman powers are as follows.

  • Tiger: Balance (of the Yin Yang variety) - When split in two, it divides the user into two individuals, one representing Yin and the other Yang. The power of the Tiger Talismen balances out the conflicting powers of the other Talismens.
  • Rabbit: Super speed
  • Dragon: Combustion - This talisman allows the user to shoot fireballs out of the talisman. It should be noted that Shendu, as the Demon Sorceror of Fire, was still able to *breathe* fire without this talisman
  • Snake: Invisibility
  • Horse: Healing Power
  • Sheep: Astral Projection
  • Monkey: Shape-Shifting (Animal shapes only) - The user of this talisman could change themselves or any other individual into an animal of their choice
  • Rooster: Levitation/Telekinesis
  • Dog: Immortality/Invulnerbility/Youthful Energy
  • Pig: Heat Beam Eye Blasts
  • Rat: "Motion to the Motionless" - This talisman is able to bring any inanimate object to life when affixed to it. Objects in the form of a living creature (for example statues or toys) will become that creature (including all eccessorires)
  • Ox: Super Strength


Season 1 (The Twelve Talismans)

Jackie Chan, an archaeologist in this series, gets caught up in a conflict between the government agency Section 13, and a criminal syndicate known as the Dark Hand, which is collecting magic talismans to reanimate an ancient dragon/demon known as Shendu. On top of this, he has to keep an eye on his niece Jade.

  1. The Dark Hand: Jackie Chan joins Section 13 to stop the Dark Hand from getting the Rooster Talisman.
  2. The Power Within: Jade accidently swallows the Rooster Talisman!
  3. The Mask of El Toro Fuerte: Jackie goes after the Ox Talisman in Mexico and finds it attached to the mask of Mexican wreslter El Toro Feurte.
  4. Enter Viper: Jackie and Jade must stop criminal Viper from using the Snake Talisman to steal jewels in New York City.
  5. Shell Game: The Rabbit Talisman is discovered embedded in the shell of the giant tortoise Aesop, and Jackie must both retrieve the Talisman and protect the rare creature.
  6. Project A, for Astral: Jade accidentally uses the Sheep Talisman and has her body stolen by Shendu. Shendu gets a free trip to MooseWorld.
  7. Bullies: Valmont steals the Dragon Talisman and uses it to steal money from Fort Knox against Shendu's wishes.
  8. Tough Break: Jade accidently drops the Rat Talisman in her toy and it comes alive, causing no end of mischief.
  9. The Rock: Jackie is poisoned by the Dark Hand at Mount Rushmore while fighting over the Horse Talisman and he is slowly turning to stone. In exchange for the antidote, Valmont demands that Jackie deliver all the Talismans in the Section 13 vault.
  10. The Jade Monkey: Jackie, Jade and the Dark Hand are washed up on a island in Micronesia after fighting over the Monkey Talisman. Jade becomes a monkey, but another monkey steals the talisman and she is unable to change back.
  11. The Dog and Piggy Show: Valmont hires Hak Foo to retrieve the Dog and Pig Talismans from Jackie, Uncle and Jade in... ugh... Bavaria.
  12. The Tiger and the Pussycat: Jackie gets the Tiger Talisman and its power splits Jackie into his light and dark sides. The Dark Jackie gives the talismans to Valmont, who then revives Shendu!
  13. Day of the Dragon: Jackie goes to fight Shendu in China to get the talismans. With help from Jade and Uncle, Jakcie manages to defeat Shendu and Jade destroys Shendu's body.

Season 2 (The Demon Sorcerers)

Tohru is reformed, and is studying as Uncle's apprentice. Shendu has been defeated, and banished to a dimensional prison, where his seven demonic siblings are not happy with his failure to rescue them. In a last-ditch attempt to save face (and his skin), he breaks out and possesses Valmont, using his body and the Dark Hand to try to open the Demon Doors, Portals to the Demon Sorcerors' prison, and allow them to escape.

This season also introduces the Dark Chi Wizard Daolon Wong.

Some episodes in this season (particularly early episodes) occur out of order, and depict events that occurred during the first season but were never shown. This is most notable due to the fact that Tohru is still working for the Dark Hand. Other episodes, while ostensibly occurring in chronological order, have no bearing on the events of the main story arc.

  • Through the Rabbit Hole: A freak accident causes the Rabbit Talisman to send Jade back in time to the 1970s, and where she encounters younger versions of Jackie, Uncle and even Valmont. However when Shendu sends the Enforcers back to recover the Talisman (Which Jackie follows), they decide to try to change history by getting rid of the younger Jackie Chan
  • The Warrior Incarnate: Jade uses the Rat Talisman brings to life a statue of Lo Pei, the man who imprisoned Shendu in his statue form. However he attempts to rescatter the Talismans from Section 13 thinking that he is the real Lo Pei. This episode takes place sometime during season one.
  • Snake Hunt: This episode occurs before the Season 1 episode, Enter Viper. Jackie and Jade search for the Snake Talisman in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Mother of All Battles: Tohru's mother comes to visit at the shop and immediately falls out with Uncle. Meanwhile a criminal group attempts to recruit a now-reformed Tohru to help pull off their latest crime.
  • The Stronger Evil: The Dark Hand, with the power of the Talismans, goes on a crime spree. Meanwhile, Shendu escapes back to the real world and possesses Valmont.
  • The J Team: The Dark Hand goes hunting for the legendary Pan Ku box which will lead them to the eight Demon Portals. Meanwhile, Jade recruits El Toro Fuerte and Viper to join the J Team to stop them.
  • Jade Times Jade: When Jackie goes looking for the Mountain Demon Portal in Japan, Jade casts a spell to double herself so she can be in two places at once, but it backfires and she begins multiplying out of control.
  • The Curse of El Chupacabra: El Toro enlists Jackie's help to hunt down the infamous chupacabra. But things get worse when the chupacabra bites El Toro and he is doomed to turn into the chupacabra every night unless he is cured.
  • Rumble in the Big House: When the Dark Hand learn that the Wind Demon's portal is inside a maximum security prison, they allow themselves to be captured. With some help from Section 13, Jackie has his face altered so he can infiltrate the prison and find out which demon they are dealing with.
  • Lost City of the Muntabs: Jackie guides a spoiled brat to the Lost City of the Muntabs to find the secret of eternal youth.
  • And He Does His Own Stunts: The Chans travel to Hollywood to stop Shendu from releasing the Thunder Demon, and Jade tries to get Jackie into the movie business.
  • Showdown in the Old West: Jackie, Jade and Uncle find an old book about Jackie's ancestor from the Old West and read it together.
  • Queen of the Shadowkhan: When Jackie retrieves an old book, Jade is so impressed with the gnarly face on the cover that she stencils it onto her leg. Unfortunately, the tattoo won't come off and seems to have a life of its own, turning Jade into the evil Queen of the Shadowkhan. This episode paves the way for the introduction of Tarakudo in Season 4.
  • Origami: Viper, now supposedly reformed, asks Jackie to help her hunt down an art thief in Paris.
  • Shanghai Moon: The Dark Hand travel into space to free the Moon Demon and Jackie and Jade are aboard their Space Shuttle, while Tohru heads out on the reserve Shuttle with the Chi Spell Ingredients.
  • The Lotus Temple: Jackie, Jade and a mysterious guide search for the mystical Lotus Temple, which only appears in the light of the full moon.
  • Armor of the Gods: Jackie uncovers the Armor of the eight immortals that defeated the Demon Sorcerors in ancient times, and uses it to help capture the Earth Demon. Meanwhile Jade places Uncle in a deep sleep because she is tired of dealing with Uncles complaining which doesn't help things when Jackie calls them to bring the Chi Spell ingredients that would banish the Earth Demon.
  • Agent Tag: Jade, bored, secretly accompanies Section 13 agent Tag McStone on a mission and Jackie is forced to rescue both her and Tag.
  • Tale of the Demon Tail: The Sky Demon loses his tail and, disguised as a boy, befriends Jade to help him find it.
  • The Return of the Pussycat: Jade uses the Tiger talisman on Jackie, taking the Yang Chan to her school play and sending the Yin Chan to fulfill Jackie's archaelogical commitment. However, an evil troll known as Spring Heeled Jack is awakened on accident and seeks out the family that imprisoned him.
  • Scouts Honor: Jackie discovers a necklace that allows its user to teleport anywhere by saying "Return to (name of place)". To occupy Jade, he signs her up for Buttercup Scouts. However, an evil treasure hunter arrives looking for the necklace, which Jade has taken on a camping trip with Jackie.
  • Danger in the Deep Freeze: The Chans head into the Arctic to study a frozen prehistoric man. However, the local Inuit tribe does not wish for the creature to be removed. Things worsen when Jade defrosts the caveman, who is being sought by an evil black marketeer.
  • Into the Mouth of Evil: While visiting a fellow archaeologist, Jackie is struck and needs to get a new filling. He is then pursued by the men he was fighting while struck, as they seek a tiny magical piece of metal. Where is it? Jackie's filling!
  • The King and Jade: Jade befriends the boy king of Tangra when he comes to visit, and uses the Snake Talisman to get out for some much needed fun.
  • The New Atlantis: The final demon, the Water Demon Bai Tza is released and intends to drown San Francisco to create a new Atlantis. Meanwhile, Valmont frees himself temporarily of Shendu's control and seeks help from the Chans.
  • The Eighth Door: Jade is accidently sucked into the demon world, when Uncle is able to banish Bai Tza and with only Shendu's own portal in Hong Kong still unlocked, it becomes a race against time for her to get to it before the demons do.
  • Demon World, Part 1: Shendu finally succeeds in possessing Jackie, and uses his body to alter the Book of Ages, making him and his demon siblings rulers of the world.
  • Demon World, Part 2: Jade, the only one who can remember the way things should be, sets out to correct the Book of Ages in Australia and put everything right again by recruiting the entire J-Team.
  • Enter the Cat: While fighting with Jackie over a magical cat statue, Valmont is scratched and begins to exhibit feline qualites: fur, a liking for dairy products, etc. This is bad news for Jackie when a local criminal art collector who wants the statue decides that he is the perfect incentive for Jade to retrieve it.
  • Pleasure Cruise: Jackie goes on a cruise ship to safeguard a rare statue from criminals who have attempted to steal it. He brings Uncle, Jade, and Tohru along, and Tohru's mother shows up as well. Tohru suffers from seasickness, which Jade helps him cure with the Horse talisman. Despite their efforts, the criminals get aboard, and commandeer the ship.
  • Tough Luck: The Enforcers quit the Dark Hand and try to start their own evil organisation. Their first caper in Ireland leads to a lot of bad luck for Jackie.
  • The Chosen One: The monks of the Ben-Shui monastary believe Tohru to be the prophecied Chosen One. However this interests the Dark Chi Wizard Daolon Wong and his Dark Chi Warriors who target Tohru.
  • Glove Story: The magical gloves of a long-dead pirate frame Tohru for several thefts.
  • The Chan Who Knew Too Much: Jackie and Jade invesitgate the disappearance of Stonehenge in England, and are soon being hunted down by maniacal druids.
  • Chi Vampire: On a trip to buy antiques for the store, the Chans accidentally release a Chi vampire that hunts them down and harvests their Chi. The only way to save themselves is to transfer their Chi between them.
  • The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute: Daolon Wong uses the powers of three giant stone monkeys to rob people of their three senses - sight, sound and speech.
  • Shrink Rap: Hak Foo makes his comeback, searching for the armbands of Shiva in India. Jackie finds them first, and when Hak Foo comes looking for them, an errant spell by Jade shrinks them both to the size of ants.
  • I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet: Jackie releases the Monkey King and turns himself into a puppet. The only way to turn him back is to have the Monkey King pull on his leg.
  • The Amazing T-Girl!: Jade absorbs the Talisman powers into herself just before they are due to be transported to the Ben-Shui monastary for safekeeping. Unfortunately, that does not deter Daolon Wong.

Season 3 (The Talisman-Powered Animals)

Daolon Wong attacks Section 13 in search of the Talismans, at the same time as the Dark Hand does as well. In an attempt to stop them, Jackie destroys the Talismans, only to have their power scattered around the world once again. Now Jackie must find the most noble animals of each zodiac symbol, before Daolon Wong can find them and steal their power. This season ends with Shendu's third comeback since his "death."

  • Re-Enter the J Team: A criminal mastermind named Chang is holding a tournament to find the most worthy fighters to be his bodyguard. In an attempt to foil his plan, Jade enters all the members of the J-Team.
  • The Powers Unleashed: When Daolon Wong and the Dark Hand infiltrate Section 13 to steal the Talismans, Jackie is forced to destroy them and Daolon Wong's Dark Chi Warriors are imprisoned in an urn by Uncle. The powers inhabit noble animals, and everyone quickly rushes to protect the first - the power of Immortality, hiding in one of the dogs at a local dog show from Daolon Wong and the Dark Hand Enforcers Finn, Chow, and Ratso (Who have been transformed by Daolon Wong into his new Dark Chi Warriors).
  • Viva Las Jackies: Finding a noble tiger in Las Vegas isn't too hard - it's getting such a rare Siberian White Tiger away from its owners before Daolon Wong does that's hard.
  • Aztec Rat Race: Jackie and Jade team up with El Toro Fuerte and Paco in Mexico to locate the Noble Rat. But when the power of the Rat Talisman reanimates a statue of Quetzalcoatl, it thinks Jade is his princess and El Toro is a devil.
  • Monkey a Go-Go: The Monkey King returns right in the middle of the Chans journey in Hawaii when they find the pet monkey of a Japanese dignitary is the noble monkey that has the power of the Monkey Talisman.
  • When Pigs Fly: After Jackie and Jade recover the noble Rooster in Malaysia, but before they can go home, Uncle contacts them to head to Kansas to find the noble pig, while he and Tohru will head out to meet them there. It turns out that the Noble Pig to belong to a farmer, but when the noble Rooster joins forces with the noble Pig things become a lot more complicated.
  • Rabbit Run: The rabbit with the power of the Rabbit Talisman is now a mascot at a American football stadium in Wyoming, and the team is reluctant to let it go.
  • Sheep In, Sheep Out: The Chans and Daolon Wong go to Scotland to find the noble sheep. But when the Enforcers prove to be worthless Daolon Wong sends them into limbo and decides to try to use the Shadowkhan.
  • The Invisible Mom: Tohru's mother makes an 'impromptu' visit in India as the Chan's are looking for the noble Snake, and accidentally turns herself invisible.
  • A Jolly J-Team Xmas: The J-Team has to save Christmas when Daolon Wong attempts to steal Santa Claus' Chi.
  • Little Valmont, Big Jade: Daolon Wong shrinks Valmont to a child, and he goes to the Chans to help him get back to normal, but travels with them to recover the noble Horse in London and ends up helping out while he's at it. Meanwhile, Jade also wants to be older and casts a spell on herself that makes her grow up in a different way.
  • The Ox-Head Incident: While the Chans are out looking for the Noble Ox in the Himalayan Mountains, Hak Foo attacks Daolon Wong in order to obtain the power of the Ox for himself, only for Daolon Wong to turn him into his latest Dark Chi Warrior.
  • Animal Crackers: Jade takes the animals out of Section 13 to a school fair, and Daolon Wong jumps at the chance to capture them.
  • Tohru Who?: Valmont wipes Tohru's memory and convinces him that he is a loyal Enforcer still. The Chans go out to stop Valmont while Jade wants to be reunited with her friend.
  • Re-Enter the Dragon: Although Jackie believes that the final Talisman Power is safe from Daolon Wong because no dragons exist that it could belong to, but Daolon Wong intends to create one by resurrecting Shendu. A clash of titans follows, in which Shendu and Daolon Wong battle for control of the Talisman powers. Uncle is able to use a powerful spell to strip Daolon Wong of most of his magic and the Enforcers are restored to their human forms. Daolon Wong and the Enforcers are then arrested and Uncle is able to force Daolon Wong to tell him Lo Pei's original spell. Then Shendu is once again imprisoned as a statue by Lo Pei's original spell, creating the Talismans again.
  • A Night at the Opera: Uncle takes Jackie, Jade, and Tohru to see a show being put on by his old opera troop, which is now led by his old friend 'Beetle Brow'. Jade takes serious interest in the performance, where two warrios pass through the wall using special makeup. Jackie, preparing for an important exhibit that night, finds the two warriors stealing priceless artifacts. One gets a black eye during the ensuing chase, but when Jackie wipes off his makeup, no black eye. Jade discovers the real crooks using the makeup, and tells Jackie. The two sneak onto the stage and do battle with the scoundrels, and reveal them to be crooks after smashing open a prop they hid their loot inside. Uncle says goodbye to his old friend, and hopes to see him again soon.
  • Attack of the J-Clones: Chang, having escaped from prison, creates clones of the people that defeated him - the J-Team.

Season 4 (The Oni Masks)

In an attempt to free himself from prison, Daolon Wong attempts to summon the Shadowkahn, only to awaken Tarakudo, the Lord of all Oni and King of the Shadowkahn. Jackie and co must now locate the nine oni masks which contain the souls of Tarukudo's generals and therefore allows the wearer to summon a tribe of Shadowkhan. This season also introduces Drago, Shendu's son from the future who seeks to fulfill his father's goals by bringing forth the Age of Dragons.

  • The Masks of the Shadowkhan: While attempting to summon the Shadowkhan, Daolon Wong accidentally summons Tarakudo, King of the Shadowkhan. With the enforcers in tow, Tarakudo sets out for Shendu's palace. The Chans find themselves outmatched, and Tohru is reminded of the Oni demons of Japan. At the palace, Tarakudo finds the mask that Shendu used to control the Shadowkhan. It ends up on Chow, but not before Tarakudo reveals himself as Lord of the Oni. Using a new incantation, Uncle creates a removal spell to take off Chow's mask. Tohru then reads the script of a tablet in the palace. It tells of the 9 Oni generals, each with their own tribe of Shadowkhan. Each was imprisoned in a different masks, and if brought together, can summon enough Shadowkhan to cover the world in eternal darkness.
  • Samurai Ratso: Traveling to Japan, the Chans discover a second Oni mask. After Ratso puts it on and summons a new breed of Shadowkhan, Uncle discovers that each mask requires a different removal ingredient. Tohru reads about the Hana Fuda cards, which can be used to locate Oni masks and discover their ingredients. Tarakudo attacks, but they escape after Tohru attacks Tarakudo with the bane of the Oni: onions. As they make their way to the shrine of the Hana Fuda, Uncle leaves, feeling that Tohru has replaced him. Arriving at the shrine, the Chans discover that it has become a car factory, and that the president owns the cards. Ratso arrives with his Shadowkhan, and Jade and Tohru use the cards to discover the removal ingredient. Just as they are about to be overwhelmed, Uncle returns, using Tohru's new stun spell to combat the Shadowkhan. He then uses the Japanese silk in the president's tie to activate the removal spell.
  • The Amazing T-Troop: Jade's dog Scruffy joins Jackie and Jade in the search for an Oni mask, and ends up wearing it. Tarakudo controls him, and uses him to summon a new breed of Shadowkhan. Jade, complled to rescue her dog, forms the T-Troop: T-Girl, with the strength of the ox; Super Moose, animated by the Rat talisman; and Morticai the pig and Eggbert the rooster (visiting town at the time) with their respective talisman powers. Jade ends up captured, and the Troop teams up with Jackie to rescue both her and Scruffy. This episode features the return of the Dog, Pig, and Rooster that were previously the Noble Animals that were infused with their respective Talisman powers from Season 3.
  • Black Magic: While aiding the Chans in obtaining an Oni mask, Captain Black ends up wearing it. While Uncle and Tohru search for the removal ingredient, Black grows more and more evil under the mask's influence. He eventually throws Jackie in a cell, and attempts to capture Jade. However, Jade uses the Tiger talisman to separate the human Black from his demon doppleganger, and the two bust Jackie out. They then confront demon Black and his tribe of sumo-esque Shadowkhan, and defeat them when Uncle and Tohru arrive with the spell.
  • The Demon Behind: After recovering an important Oni mask, Tohru gets fed up with Uncle's bossieness, and the two stop speaking to each other. Jade uses the rat talisman to bring the mask to life, so they can interogate it. However, it escapes with the intention of attaching itself to Tohru. The mask is accidentally sat on by Finn, and ends up stuck to his rear end. Undeterred, the mask summons its samurai-like Shadowkhan, and captures Tohru, who has the mask removal spell with him. Uncle, unwilling to let his apprentice down, uses shadow magic to take Jackie and himself to Tohru. They fight off the Shadowkhan, and Finn uses the removal spell to evict the mask from his hindquarters.
  • Fright Fight Night: Paco and El Toro arrive in town to celebrate Halloween, and Paco is discouraged by the way the others treat him. He then attempts to outdo Jade in scariness by putting on the latest Oni mask. Setting out to be the scariest, he finds Tarakudo, who teaches him how to summon Shadowkhan with elastic abilities. He captures Jade, and is about to injure her when the Chans and El Toro arrive with the removal potion. El Toro faces Paco in a wrestling match, but ends up trapped. He then convinces Paco to remove the mask himself.
  • Half a Mask of Kung-Fu: After losing a new Oni mask to an auction manager, the Chans and the Dark Hand attempt to win it in the auction. However, both teams are beaten by FILTHYRICH1 aka Valmont! He plans to use the mask to summon an army of Shadowkhan thieves, but in the ensuing fight the mask is broken in half. Valmont puts on one half, and can only summon half-Shadowkhan. The removal potion ends up in a mail truck, and the Chans go after it. However, when Valmont attacks, Jade puts on the other mask half to summon aid. As Jade and Valmont both start to succumb to the masks, they meet up in the post office where the spell has ended up. The two demons join forces, gluing their Shadowkhan together through darkness. However, Jade and Valmont manage to get the potion, and together get their masks off. Valmont ditches his mask half for a box of diamonds, but ends up packaged and on his way to Mexico.
  • The Shadow Eaters: The Chans discover the next Oni mask in a psychic's swamp shack, but lose the Hana Fuda card that contains the Mask removal ingredient in the process and the mask ends up on Hak Foo, who summons tiny Shadowkhan. Jade and Jackie capture one, but it later eats Tohru's shadow, growing larger and leaving him in a comatose state. Jackie and Jade go after Hak Foo's Shadowkhan army Ghost Buster-style, sucking up the Shadowkhan until they encounter a rather large one. While it confronts Jackie, Jade chases another one, which ends up Godzilla-size. Uncle is forced to turn to the psychic for help with the removal ingredient, and phones Jackie to tell him that it is fish. They remove Hak Foo's mask, and the shadows are returned. Tohru wakes up to find himself the subject of Uncle's latest hobby: oil-painting.
  • The Good Guys: After a failed attempt at stealing a valuable statue, the Enforcers arrive at Uncle's shop seeking reform. They are granted a chance, and are employed at Uncle's shop with Tohru. When Jackie goes to transport a rare jewel to the museum, he faces three masked thugs and assumes that they are the Enforcers. When the Enforcers arrive with Jade in tow, however, they are pitted against Strike Master Ice and his cronies.
  • Déjà Vu: The Chans arrive at an old temple in search of Daolon Wong, who has escaped prison and seeks to use the magical Deja Vu stone to return to the past and reclaim his lost power. Jackie and Wong both end up reliving their pasts, until Jackie gets the stone and Wong is captured by the past Dark Hand. Jackie is about to undo the future by sending Jade home the day she arrives, but realizes what a help she has been.
  • J2: Uncle is searching for a large source of dark Chi when the Chans encounter a mysterious girl in the junkyard. She runs off with Jade, but not before proving herself Jackie's martial arts equal and Uncle's magic match. She reveals herself to Jade as her futuristic self, come back to stop the revival of Shendu. The two are then attacked by Shendu's son Drago, after Jade learns about her position as the Section 13 leader. Drago continues to attack, and nearly takes Jackie out. Future Jade reveals how Drago has taken over in the future, and how Jackie and Uncle are to become Shendu's welcome back snack. In order to stop him, they must recover the Dragons Teeth. Meanwhile, Uncle finds the dark Chi source he was searching for: the Teeth! Dragon and the Jades face off, and Drago ends up frying the teeth and preventing Shendu's revival. Drago is then arrested and locked up in Section 13, while future Jade returns to her time.
  • The J-Tots: Chang escapes from prison with his Chang Gang, a group of evil counterparts to the J-Team. Meanwhile, Jade wants to be recognized as a J-Team member, and places a seniority spell over the others. This backfires when, during the J-Team/Chang Gang confrontation, the J-Team members become toddlers.
  • Ninja Twilight: Jackie and Jade find the last Oni mask underwater and are surprised to find no opposition. However, when they put the mask in the vault, the masks all shatter and release the 9 Oni Generals! The demons unleash their Shadowkhan armies, who begin to cover the world in darkness. Tohru studies the legend of the Oni, and discovers a warning indicating never to bring the masks together. Viper and El Toro arrive to help, and the J-Team takes on the Oni. However, Tarakudo grabs the Talismans, and locks them in the conquered Section 13. As the Team searches for an escape route, they discover on the Hana Fuda cards the location of a tenth Oni mask: the one meant for Tarakudo! Using a Shadowkhan symbol tatoo, the Team sends Tohru into the Shadow Realm to recover the mask. Despite Tohru's success, he is corrupted by the tatoo's evil. Taking Tohru's hair, the Team activates the spell, but instead of trapping Tarakudo, they restore him to his humanoid form. Tarakudo overpowers them, but Jade slaps the mask on his face. The Shadowkhan and the Oni are all pulled into the mask, and Tohru is returned to normal.

Season 5 (The Demon Powers)

In the upcoming season, Drago escapes from Section 13, and it's another race around the world as Jackie must locate seven cursed objects of the immortals that imprisioned Shendu's siblings which are all imbued with their demonic power before Drago does.

  • Relics of Demons Past: After Uncle discovers an allignment of bad Chi stars, Drago escapes from Section 13. Jade, meanwhile, has trouble controlling her belching habits. Drago recruits the Dark Hand Enforcers, transforming them into his dragonic minions. They then attempt to steal a fan that contains the Wind Demon Chi from a local car wash, and do battle with the Chans. Drago attempts to absorb dark chi energy from the fan, but it ends up inside Jade. There is a huge fight over the Wind Demon Chi and in the end Uncle is able to take and place the Demon Chi in a jar and Drago fires the Enforcers for proving to be worthless and turns them back into humans.
  • It's All in the Game: Uncle creates a device that can detect and hold a Demon Chi which Jade decides to call the Chi-O-Matic, Then the Gourd that contains the Water Demon chi is located in Hawaii, as an award on a local game show where families compete against each other. Jackie, Jade, Uncle, and Tohru must compete in order to get to the Demon Chi before Drago, although Jade also wants to win to get a new Television.
  • Black and White and Chi All Over: Its Jades birthday but unfortunately there might not be time to celebrate, first Drago breaks into Section 13 to recover the captured Demon Chi but is defeated, so he decides that he needs henchmen and holds an audition because he will not make the same mistakes that his father had and ends up choosing Jackies old enemies Strikemaster Ice and his crew to be infused with his power and become his new dragon minions. Then the Flower that the contains the Earth Demon Chi is located in a San Diego flower shop, but after the Chans defeat Drago and his minions and recover the Demon Chi they find that the Lotus Pod that contains the Moon Demon Chi is located nearby in a Zoo. But things get even worse when the Chi-O-Matic can't hold both Demon Chis and both Jackie (Earth Chi) and Drago (Moon Chi) are infused with them.
  • Dragon Scouts: Jade leaves the Buttercup scouts for the Dragon Scouts, a boy group where she meets three rather obnoxious children. It is revealed that they are the Enforcers' nephews, and don't know about their uncles' criminal past. When a rare artifact is stolen by three disguised men, the Enforcers are immediately suspected. However, the real thieves appear to take the artifact, which is hidden in one of the boys' backpacks. The Enforcers get ahold of it, only to get arrested and sent back to jail.
  • The Demon Beneath My Wings: After the Chans obtain the Sky Demon Chi, Jade takes the Chi-O-Matic on a class field trip to a supposedly haunted house, but doesn't know that Uncle wasn't able to remove the Sky Demon Chi. However, the Chi-O-Matic is confiscated by Ms. Hardman, Jade's teacher, who accidentally absorbs the Chi, becoming the Sky Demon. Things get worse when Drago comes after the Chi, and the spirits of the house aren't fond of the intrusion of two Demons.
  • Mirror, Mirror: Uncle takes Jackie, Jade, and Tohru to his old home town, which will soon be submerged because of a new dam. They accidentally enter a temple containing evil mirror spirits, who possess the Chans and bring their worst fears to life: Jade becomes a donkey, Jackie's head becomes huge, Uncle becomes mute, and Tohru becomes just like his mother. As they search for the ingredients to trap the spirits, they inadvertently spread the infection to others, turning them into mutated monsters. They later reject the spirits, and trap them within several reflective objects.
  • Antler Action: The Chi containment unit breaks and the Chi of the Demons is released. All of it is recovered, except for that of the Earth Demon. It becomes infused with Jade's friend Larry, a comic book geek who uses the power to become 'Spectacularry'. However, as the Chi begins to corrupt him, Larry is confronted by both the concerned Chans and Drago's minions.
  • Clash of the Titanics: While Uncle is suffering from a disease, the Chi of Xiao Fung, the Thunder Demon, reveals itself to be aboard a sunken ship with the letters A-N-I-C in its name. Despite Jade's first reaction, it is not the Titanic, but a vessel called the Oceanic. Despite Jackie's insistence, Uncle and Jade both accompany the submarine to the Oceanic. There, they confront Strike Master Ice and his gang, who cause Jackie to swim to the surface too fast causing him to get the bends and thus become delusional. Drago arrives and steals the Immortal castanet, becoming infused with the Thunder Demon Chi.
  • Stealing Thunder: Drago discovers that lightning enhances his already impressive Thunder powers, leading him to take over the Seattle Space Needle. As the Chans pursue him, they are outmatched by his new powers and by Strike Master Ice's additions to the Needle. However, Jade beats Ice in his giant robot fight game, and the Thunder Demon Chi is recovered.
  • Weight and See: Tohru is put on a crash diet by Jade, and is extremely displeased with it. Drago, furious at his previous defeat, decides to take out the Chans with an all out assault. First, however, both groups are drawn to an artifacts collection containing a pair of chopsticks that were made from the Immortal drumsticks, used to banish the Mountain Demon. When Uncle and Jackie arrive home, they fall asleep searching for the chopsticks amid a large pile they had to take. Tohru takes the chopsticks for his midnight snack, and becomes infused with the Chi. He then starts eating everything, and takes on the appearance of Po Kong. Drago arrives and manages to steal the Mountain Demon Chi, but Uncle then steals both Po Kong's Chi and Drago's, leaving him powerless. After Drago flees, Jade prepares Tohru to restart his diet.
  • The Powers That Be, Part One
  • The Powers That Be, Part Two
  • J2 Revised


During an episode in Season Three, the TV Jade is watching switches to a picture of a man in a yellow jumpsuit with black stripes down the sides. The man is Bruce Lee, and the movie is "The Game of Death".

During Season 3, Jackie is bitten by a snake. The poison effects him putting him in a drunken state, which he uses to his advantage. This is a reference to Jackie Chan's Drunken Master movie.

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