List of Star Wars races

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This is a list of species and races from the fictional universe of Star Wars.

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This species has been most often described as "primitive and violent," and are often hired as petty thugs. They inhabit the planet Byss and are a nomadic race. At about two meters tall, the hulking, humanoid Abyssin have long limbs and a single large eye that dominates their greenish-tan foreheads. They can heal quickly and regenerate any body part, and because of this, condone a high degree of physical violence.


Adarians are humanoids from planet Adari.


The Anx are large aliens from planet Gravlex Med.


The Annoodat is a four eyed, reptilian race hailing from the planet Annoo. The average height for an Annoodat male is 6 and one half feet, while females are half a foot shorter on average.


The most notorious of the Aqualish, Ponda Baba, was the being whose arm was severed by Obi-Wan Kenobi during the fight in the Mos Eisley cantina. The species has a reputation for being nasty, crude and aggressive, and generally pursue careers as mercenaries, bounty hunters and pirates. The Aqualish hail from the planet Ando; they are tusked and walrus-faced humanoids. Their home planet is almost entirely covered by water. The only hospitable land consists of a few rocky outcroppings and swamp-covered islands. Different hands distinguish the two species of Aqualish, the Aquala and the Quara.


A strange species, Arcona are reptiles without scales, but have a humanoid body. They have flat, anvil-shaped heads, with clear, marble-like eyes, and skin tone that ranges from mahogany to ebony. The native planet of the Arcona, Cona, is always hot, and has very little water. The atmosphere is filled with ammonia vapor. The Arcona's weaknesses have been exploited in the past; off-worlders used to trade water for mineral rights, but discovered their easy addiction to salt. Traders then imported large amounts of the mineral before communities outlawed the dealings.


Situated in the expansion region.



Besalisks are a race of four-armed humanoids. Dexter Jettster is one of these. Female Besalisks can have up to eight arms.


The Bimm are peaceful humanoids natives from planet Bimmisaari. They are fond of the color yellow, and often clad themselves in garb of this color.


Bith are native to the planet Clakdor VII. They have pale skin, large heads and eyes, and long fingers. Their ears are capable of hearing frequencies far beyond those that most species can percieve. In some cases, Bith have been known to hear high powered communication broadcast signals without using artificial equipment. Due to their highly tuned audio senses, Bith are often sought after as musicians across the galaxy. Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes are a Bith band seen playing music in the Mos Eisley Cantina in A New Hope.

B'omarr monks

The B'omarr are not actually a race, rather they are an order of monks whose monastery became Jabba's Palace. They believe that cutting themselves off from civilization and all distractions leads to enlightenment and to that end undergo surgery to separate their brains from their bodies and continue their existence as a disembodied brain in a jar. On the rare occasions when they need to move, they are able to use a spider-like walking apparatus.


Bothan is a species first mentioned, though not seen, in the 1983 film Return of the Jedi, the third film of the Star Wars saga. Many members of this race, often sought out as spies and intelligence agents, died to obtain information about the second Death Star battle station under construction at Endor. In addition, a few have been a part of Rogue Squadron. The incident in which they obtained this information is documented in the Steve Perry novel Shadows of the Empire.

Bothans make their first appearance as 1.5-meter-tall feline humanoids in the Timothy Zahn novel Heir to the Empire. As represented by Borsk Fey'lya (who would later become the New Republic's Chief of State), Bothans are eager to advance their personal power any way that they can. From their forested home world of Bothawui, Bothans operate an advanced intelligence apparatus that rivals both Rebel and Imperial intelligence gathering, and in some ways surpasses them.

Mon Mothma: "Many Bothans died to bring us this information."

Bothans are also an alien race in the fictional Star Trek universe.



The Cathar are cat-like humanoids from the planet Cathar. One famous Cathar is the Jedi Juhani.



Cereans are a species with long cone-like heads that hail from the planet Cerea. One example is Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi.


Chagrians are blue skinned humanoids with horns and lethorns. One example is Mas Amedda, who is the Speaker of the Galactic Senate.


The Chazrach are a short, stocky, reptilian humanoid race with snubbed snouts that serve the Yuuzhan Vong as slave soldiers. They are also called "reptoids" by the inhabitants of the galaxy. They are one of the few species other than the Yuuzhan Vong that are not native to the galaxy. They were formerly a free people enslaved during the Yuuzhan Vong's plundering of their own galaxy.

For thousands of years, the Chazrach served the Yuuzhan Vong as expandable support troops to overwhelm enemy forces. Bred in large numbers, the Chazrach had coral seeds implanted into them to ensure obedience. A pair of dome-like calcifications protruded from the forehead of each Chazrach, a sign of the coral implants that control the drones. When these calcifications were removed the Chazrach regained limited levels of their intelligence and can be valuable sources of information.

Any form of intelligence and initiative that was possessed by the base species vanished over the generations of genetic tampering by the Shapers. This flaw, combined with their small, stocky statures mades them incapable of mastering the use of the standard Amphistaff used by the Warrior Caste as a whip. The reptoids instead use the inflexible Coufee since the double-edged knife is much more suited to their body form and an inferior breed of the Amphistaff. A few Chazrach served the Yuuzhan Vong so well over the generations that they were permitted to join the Warrior Caste at its most basic levels.


see main article: Chiss

The Chiss are a near-human race, with the only notable differences being that they are blue skinned and have red, glowing eyes. The Chiss are from the planet Csilla located in the area previously known as the Unknown Regions. A famous Chiss was Grand Admiral Thrawn.


The Chistori are a lizard-type humanoid race. One example is Desann.


Clawdites are a genetic offspring from Zolanders, the dominant species on planet Zolan. When Zolanders discovered that their sun had increased its radioactive emissions, they tried to unleash a gene in the Zolander skin cells to activate natural protection against radiation. The results created a new species, Clawdites, which were metamorphs. Clawdites can change their appearance, if keeping body mass as a constant and not retaining the same aspect for a long time. Zolanders ostracized Clawdites and they had many civil wars, but in the end, Clawdites subjugated Zolanders.

Zam Wesell, the bounty hunter working with Jango Fett on Coruscant in Attack of the Clones, is the only known example of a Clawdite in the Star Wars movies.


The Coway are a fur-covered humanoid species that are native to the planet Mimban, of the Circarpous Major System. Coways live deep underground, and have a strong aversion to surface-dwellers. Coways have small eyes, but are able to see in the dark due to their infrared vision. Additionally, they are able to eat foods normally poisonous to humans because of their more tolerant digestive system. They wear simple, primitive clothing.

The underground world of the Coway can be reached through deep shafts known as Thrella Shafts (named after the Thrella, an extinct species known for their numerous underground tunnels and wells). Often these have side-tunnels that lead to Coway dwellings. The Coways' government consists of three members who make decisions.


They are very small, enough to be held in a person's hand. They also have a reputation for being unpleasant and evil.



Dantari are a race of armor plated humanoids with four arms and green skin. They are in the technology level.


Dashades are tall, humanoid reptiles with dark skin. They are powerful warriors and assassins, and they are not affected by the powers of the Force. Their planet, Urkupp, was almost destroyed during the Great Sith War, killing most of the Dashades. As far as is known now, only one Dashade remains, Ket Maliss, an assassin for Black Sun who was cryogenically frozen when his boss discovered that only a few Dashades remained. Some theorize about undiscovered Dashade colonies.


The Defel (colloquially known as Wraiths) are barely visible beings who appear to most other species as shadows, re-enforcing the misconception that they are chameleon-like beings or "living shadows". Typically, they are employed as mercenaries or guards. They are from a large, high-gravity, seldom-visited world orbiting the ultraviolet supergiant Ka'Dedus. Af'El has no ozone layer and ultraviolet light passes freely to the surface, while other light wavelengths are blocked by the heavy gases in the planet's atmosphere. Thus, all life forms on Af'El can only see in ultraviolet light ranges, and are blind to other wavelengths of light. Af'El is the home world of the Defel, or "wraiths," whose bodies absorb visible light, giving them the appearance of shadows. The Defel live in underground cities to escape Af'El's violent storms. A main export of the planet is the metal meleenium (used in durasteel), which is only known to exist on Af'El.


Devaronians are a horned humanoid species from the world of Devaron in the Expansion Region, a planet of low mountains and deep valleys linked by thousands of rivers. It is believed that they are descended from a race of primates that lived in the mountains of Devaron, and that their horns were a genetic mutation that proved useful in fending off predatory birds.

The Devaronians are one of the unique races in the galaxy, as their male and female sexes are so vastly different in appearance and temperament. The males are docile, non-aggressive creatures, hairless, with red-tinted skin and a pair of large horns growing from their heads. They take great pride in their horns, and groom them quite regularly. Female Devaronians are covered in thick calico fur that ranges in color from brown to white and are hornless. They are aggressive by nature, and tend to dominate their culture. In addition, the teeth of the males are all incisors, but the females also have molars and prominent canines.

Devaronians were one of the first species in the galaxy to develop interstellar travel, and the males of the species have been common sights in spaceports throughout the galaxy for thousands of years. Devaronian males are driven by an urge to wander, usually taking the first opportunity to move on from one place to another. As such, they are often found traveling the galaxy as tramp freighter captains and scouts. Female Devaronians, on the other hand, are content to remain in a single location, and, as such, raise the young and run the government of Devaron. The males send as much money as they can manage back to their home world to support their families, but otherwise hardly ever return once they have begun to travel the stars. The females are content with this arrangement, as they tend to view the restless males as disruptive to home life.

One Devaronian, going under the name of Labria, was seen in the cantina scene of A New Hope. He has one of the galaxy's highest bounties for his deadly criminal activity.


Drall are short, squat and stocky bipeds, little more than a meter tall. They are covered with short, thick and dark fur. They have short limbs with clawed and fur-covered hands and feet. Drall are a dignified, self-confident species and are known to be quite level-headed. They primarily live on the planet of Drall, but also inhabit other planets of the Corellian system.

One notable Drall is Ebrihim, who was a tutor to Han and Leia's children on a visit to Corellia. Ebrihim also had an aunt, the Duchess of Mastigophorous, who lived on an estate on Drall.


Dugs are slender, powerfully built beings with a somewhat humanoid build and a unique method of walking. Their strong arms are used as legs, and their lower limbs are used as arms. Dugs have smooth skin, which hangs loose around their necks, fin-like ears, and pronounced snouts. Dugs are known for their ill-tempered demeanor, and many are little more than bullying thugs. Diminutive Dugs often feel the need to throw around their strength in bids to establish dominance. One of the best-known Dugs is Sebulba, a Podracing champion from Pixelito on Malastare.



Duros are said to be among the first spacefaring humanoid species, including humans. They are known for their superior astronavigational skills. Two Duros can be seen in the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Duros are related to the Neimodians, the aliens in charge of the Trade Federation in the prequel films, because many years before the Republic, the Duros colonized the planet Neimoidia, and thus the Neimoidians, a newer "version" of Duros, were born.



The Echani are a mysterious fictional race of well taught fighters from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. The last 5 Echani Handmaiden sisters reside with Jedi Master Atris at her academy at the polar ice cap on Telos. The Echani are trained to construct barriers in their minds in order to resist force based powers. They are also trained in hand-to-hand combat. The Echani maidens were often used to hunt down rogue Jedi and subdue them for the Order.

The most notable of the Echani was Brianna, the last of Atris' Handmaidens. She served with her Mistress on Telos until the Jedi Exile arrived. After speaking with the Exile, she stowed away on board his ship, the Ebon Hawk. Eventually, it is revealed that her mother was a Jedi Knight and she herself starts on the path of the Jedi.

NOTE:The story concerning Brianna depends on the player of the game Knights of The Old Republc 2: The Sith Lords choosing a male character in playing the game, should the player choose a female character, the above story will not occur as it was told.



Native to the planet Elom, members of this species are short and stocky, and are covered with thick, oily hair. They have two tusks covering the opening of their mouth, and have two small eyes set on a pair of stalks protruding from either side of their head. In addition, they are herbivores.

Eloms originally developed on the surface of the planet Elom, but were forced to move underground when water became scarce. Since then, they remained isolated from the rest of the galaxy, with many Eloms continuing to retreat further underground.

There is another intelligent species in the planet, the Elomin. Elomins are humanoids with horns, while Eloms are strange, short mammals with fangs and claws. Both species were divided and each thought the other one was extinct. When Elomins re-discovered Eloms, they tried to make the Republic believe that they were only unintelligent animals, but truth was discovered and Eloms were granted rights. However, Eloms seem not to be interested in politics and still live in burrows.


see main article: Ewoks

Ewoks are a primitive tribal species from the Forest Moon of Endor. They are small and furry and appear to be distantly related to Wookiees. The Ewoks are best known for their aid to the Rebels in taking down the shield generator that was protecting the Second Death Star.


The Evocii are a primitive humanoid race from Nal Hutta formerly Evocar. When the Hutts arrived on Evocar, the Evocii were amazed by the technology these large, fat slug-like aliens brought with them and began swapping areas of their own home world for the technology that the Hutts had. Soon they realized that the Hutts owned almost their entire world. Then the Hutts began treating the Evocii like slaves. The Evocii appealed to the Old Republic for help but unfortunately, the laws of the Republic favored the Hutts. The Hutts then brutally relocated the Evocii to Evocar's fifth and largest moon Nar Shaddaa where they were used as slaves to build Nar Shaddaa into a spaceport moon. Most of the Evocii eventually died from the various technologies practiced on that moon while the very few survivors mutated into savages.

The ancient history of the Evocii tells that their people revered a holy stone, known as the Uransien. Supposedly this spherical stone watched over the people, and as long as it rested peacefully within the Evocii capital, the people enjoyed good health and prosperity. After the Hutts invaded, however, the Uransien was lost. This may have been a factor in the speed of the Evocii's despair.

In the late years of the deportation, a small group of Evocii stole a Hutt starship and managed to escape the system. Not particularly adept with space travel the small band of Evocii crash landed on a heavily forested planet several days later. These few established a hidden community on their new homeworld, which flourished through many millennia, protected by the giant trees surrounding it. They called their home Gros'avinath, or "Big Tree."

Though it took almost twenty-five thousand years, the quiet Evocii village began to dwindle despite the life abounding in the lush forest. Most believed their term of existence was drawing to a close and that the absence of the sacred rock had finally begun to manifest. One among these believers was the spiritual guide Gothar Marath. He had long been a student of the forces of nature as well as the history of his people. Many of his brethren revered him and the supernatural powers he possessed.

There was little debate that Gothar should leave his home when the opportunity arose. Several of the village hunters returned from their night patrol in the forest with a group of strangers. Among them were Abu-Tai and Uri-Kai, two Jedi Knights, Arem-Ta, a rough-hewn freighter pilot, and Meela'lin, a blue-skinned Twi'lek. It was in this company that Gothar was able to leave the planet and seek out the Uransien, hoping to save his people.


The Falleen are a reptilian species known to be as long lived as Hutts. They are capable of exuding pheromones that make all but the most determined of humanoids of opposite sex strongly attracted to them. The Falleen are best represented by Prince Xizor, the head of the criminal organization Black Sun during the late Empire.


Nym the Pirate from various Star Wars computer games (including the MMORPG "Star Wars Galaxies") was a Feeorin. There is not much detail available about this particular species beyond the character of Nym.


The Fosh are a sentient avian species, able to fly at will. They are first mentioned in the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series. The only Fosh mentioned in all the Star Wars books was the Jedi Knight Vergere.

The Fosh, as a species, never had a large population on their planet, preventing them from becoming an influential race, as humans are in the Star Wars universe.


The Frozian are a species of sentient felines, hailing from the planet Froz. Their most distinctive characteristics are their triple-jointed hands, their double-jointed legs, and their infertility off of their homeworld.

Following the decimation of their planet by the Empire, the species started plummeting towards extinction. It has been rumoured that underground scientists have been trying to create an artificial environment for them to save their species and allow mating to begin again.



Gamorreans are large smelly creatures of little intelligence that are often hired as guards. The crime boss Jabba the Hutt was fond of hiring them because they were so inexpensive. On their home planet Gamorreans exist in a sort of tribal political system dominated by the female sows.

Physically, Gamorreans appear in the movie as greenish, slimy creatures (and apparently smelly). They can be best described closest to pigs with their mouths and grunting kind of language. They are stocky, and very muscular, making them excellent melee/hand to hand fighters. They wear little clothing, consisting usually of a loincloth and primitive armor.

Because of their physical characteristics and low intelligence, Gamorreans away from their home planet are usually employed as mercenary fighters, guards, or heavy laborers. One notable exception to this was the Wraith Squadron pilot Voort SaBring, who was biochemically altered by the BinRing Corporation to bring his attention span and intelligence more in line with human levels.


Gands are insectoids who evolved in the homonymous planet Gand, which is a gas giant. There are two main sub-species of Gands: With and without lungs. Gands with lungs are used to Gand's atmosphere, but they are poisoned by oxygen and must use a special breathing gear if they want to leave Gand. Gands without lungs have special regeneration properties.

Gands are not allowed to use names if they have never achieved anything. A young or underachiever Gand talks about himself or herself in third person and calling himself "gand". If they do a feat, they can use their family surname, but will still use the third person. A second, more impressive feat allows the heroic Gand to choose a first name for himself. Only the best-known Gands are allowed to use the first person, and it takes a ritual to test aptitude with a jury. However, should a Gand be ashamed of his deeds, he would reduce his name when talking about himself.

Some Gands choose a strange profession, the findsman. A findsman is a shaman as well as a police officer. The findsman will interpret the shapes of gases and make prophecies, usually about fugitives. Then, the findsman in person will track the fugitive to bring him to justice. During the Empire, some findsmen became bounty hunters

One of the best known Gands is Zuckuss, who was a bounty hunter employed by Darth Vader to hunt down Han Solo, and was at one time the assistant to Bossk. Another well known Gand is Ooryl Qrygg - a pilot in Rogue Squadron. Ooryl did not have lungs and therefore did not need a mask for normal oxygen enviornments. He became so honored among Gands that he was given the honor of referring to himself as I.

Gands live in a totalitarian monarchy.


A seemingly immortal race, their unique nervous and circulatory systems enable them to be extremely resistant to any physical injury. Lacking the vulnerable vital organs of most races, Gen'Dai could take various injuries and even complete dismemberment, and survive. However, if a Gen'Dai takes too many injuries, they undergo an extended period of hibernation, under which they can regenerate. By nature, the Gen'Dai is mostly a non-aggressive race. They are rarely seen, as their home world was lost for ages. Though immortal, the minds of Gen'Dai's may weaken with age, making them vulnerable to various mental diseases.


The Geonosians are an insectoid species native to the planet Geonosis. Geonosians reside in hive colonies in organic-looking spires. All Geonosians have a hard exoskeleton, elongated faces, multi-jointed limbs, and speak in a strange clicking language. They are a barbaric race and their bloodthirsty minds view brutal violence as entertainment. They enjoy watching victims trying to survive in the massive execution arenas while savage creatures vie for their blood.

Geonosis (As seen in Episode II) is a barren rocky world home to thousands of factories geared towards mechanical construction. Many of the Galaxy's biggest manufacturing concerns hold contracts with the Geonosians.

In Geonosian society, there are two main types of Geonosian: the wingless drones that mostly work as laborers, and the winged aristocrat, which includes royal warriors serving as scouts and providing security to the hive. Geonosians do not have a standing military. They instead use their droid foundries to build armies for corporate interests wealthy enough to afford them — entities such as the Trade Federation and the Techno Union.

Poggle the Lesser was a Geonosian who appeared in Episode II and oversaw the production of battle droids for the Trade Federation and later provided the bulk of the troops for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He was decapitated by Darth Vader on Mustafar in Episode III.


The Givin are from the planet Yag'Dhul and are often found doing starship repair work because of their exoskeleton, which allows them to withstand depressurization.


The Goraxes are a race of behemoths from the forest moon of Endor. They can grow up to more than 30 meters in height and dwell on high crags far from the forests of the forest moon. They are mentioned in the Illustrated Star Wars Universe book. They are humanoid, with primate-like faces and narrow chins, as well as enormous ears, which are highly sensitive to noises made by small animals. They communicate through grumbling noises. The Goraxes wear fur clothes. They are primitive and powerful and frequently make raids on Ewok villages, where they smash through walls and kidnap Ewoks. They hunt at night since their eyes are sensitive to bright light.


The Gossam are a humanoid race with long necks from the planet Castell. The Commerce Guild, which was a major contributor to the droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, is based on Castell. Notable Gossam include Shu Mai, the President of the Commerce Guild.


Gotals evolved in dark Antar 4. As light is not available there, they evolved cranial cones, receptors to electromagnetism and other emissions. They do not rely on sight, but they can be great trackers thanks to their horns. However, natural emissions from a droid or a Jedi do damage Gotals. Culturally, they only seem to be attracted to other creatures with cones or horns.


The Gran are a three-eyed alien race native to the planet Kinyen, though they have colonies across the galaxy, such as on the planets Hok and Malastare. Gran had a great deal of power within the Galactic Senate, during the later years of the Old Republic, but by the time the Emperor's reign descended over the galaxy, Gran became less common.


The Gungans have humanoid bodies, but their heads are elongated with large, dangling finlike ears. They live in underwater cities on the planet Naboo. The principal Gungan character in the movies is Jar Jar Binks; the ruler of the Gungans is Boss Nass. The only other Gungan to be given a name in the films is Captain Tarpals, though the novelization also mentions a General Ceel though some games have shown other leaders including Boss Gallo.

The Gungans and the Naboo (human inhabitants of Naboo) did not get along, as the Gungans believed the Naboo to be pompous cowards while the Naboo believed the Gungans to be barbarians. This attitude lasted until Queen Amidala united the Gungans and Naboo to fight the Trade Federation in the Battle of Naboo.

After the Battle of Naboo, the Gungans attained representation in the Senate through Representative Jar Jar Binks.

A Gungan also made a brief appearance in the DVD edition of Return of the Jedi. During the pan over the Naboo celebration of the Empire's defeat at Endor, a Gungan can be seen on the top of a tower yelling, "Wesa free!"



The Habassa are mentioned only in the X-wing computer game. They originate from the planet Habassa II which was enslaved by the Empire. After the Battle of Yavin, they joined the Alliance.


H'nemthes, from planet H'nemthe, have four horns and ridges of bone and skin on their faces. When a female H'nemthe consummates her relationship with a male, she eviscerates him with her knife-shaped tongue, strangely considering it a proof of love.


see main article: Humans

Seemingly identical to humans on Earth, humans in the Star Wars Universe are among the most widespread and numerous of sentient species. Humans are found on many different worlds and cultures, although linguistically, like much of the Star Wars universe, they are united by their use of Galactic Basic (see Languages in Star Wars).


see main article: Hutts

Hutts are large, slimy, slug-like but highly intelligent creatures who control a large space empire. Most humans find their appearance repulsive. They are known for being resistant to Jedi mind control. The species hails originally from the planet Varl, but their capital is on Nal Hutta. Their language is Huttese, which was based on many Earth languages, most noticeably Quechua. Although the Hutt Empire is powerful in its own right, many ambitious Hutts move to other worlds to become overlords in organized crime. Most Hutts do not use their surnames, preferring to just be called "the Hutt" ("Jabba the Hutt," for example). Hutts have a life span of well over 1,000 years.



The Iktotchi is an alien race in a remote system in the Expansion Region. They have a tough, hairless, and often reddish skin, as well as two downward-sloping horns on the sides of the head. They are often known for their limited abilities in prescience and, because of this trait, can often be found in Jedi Academies.

When the Republic discovered their home planet, a moon orbiting the planet Iktotchon, they discovered a massive Old Republic seal visible from space with the naked eye.

One famous Iktotchi is Jedi Saesee Tiin who sat on the Jedi Council.

Iktotchi are also known for their skills as pilots. Even the worst Iktotchi pilot is still a handy alien to have behind the wheel of a spaceship or fighter. That's probably why Saesee Tiin is such a good pilot.

Ishi Tib

Ishi Tibs are ecologist aliens from planet Tibrin. They are amphibious with huge eyes and beak-like mouths. Their green skins retains humidity, but an Ishi Tib must have a bath every thirty hours or so. They are considered meticulous strategists and managers.

There are Ishi Tibs in Jabba the Hutt's palace and also in the Rebel briefing to attack the second Death Star.


Ithorians are a species of intelligent herbivores from the planet Ithor. They are commonly called "Hammerheads" because of their long, curving neck and T-shaped head.

Ithorians have two mouths and glossy, brown flesh. In general, they are devoted environmentalists, staunch herbivores, and complete pacifists. Many have become galactic traders who peacefully travel the stars in giant herd ships. They will only resort to violence if threatened. Because of their mild demeanor, most Ithorians avoid the Galactic Civil War, although a few have joined the Rebel Alliance.

Ithorians are natives of the planet Ithor, a lush world with sprawling rain forests. The Ithorians worship Mother Jungle and long ago vowed never to desecrate their planet. Once they discovered repulsorlift technology, the Ithorians built expansive "herd cities" floating in the skies above their home world. The species migrated to these platforms, ensuring that Ithor would remain pristine forever.

Abroad, Ithorians have integrated well with the intergalactic community. Their own language is incredibly beautiful, yet difficult to learn, as the Ithorians have twin mouths on opposite sides of their necks. Fortunately, they can speak Basic, albeit with a strange accent. Their vocal chords are strong enough to produce a sound shockwave used in defense to stop an enemy in its tracks.

Ithorian Roron Corobb was a Jedi Master who died protecting Chancellor Palpatine from General Grievous during the Clone Wars.

An Ithorian, an exile named Momaw Nadon, was present in the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars: A New Hope.



Jawas are a species of alien from the Star Wars universe, natives of Tatooine. They are scavengers, often seeking out technology for sale or trade in the deep deserts in their huge sandcrawler transports.

They are also a pygmy and rodent-like race, and considered "remarkably ugly". They are about 1 meter tall and characterised by their brown robes, yellow eyes, and quickly spoken language. In most Jawa clans, half the clan works and lives in the sandcrawlers while the other family unit dwells in fortresses deep in the desert where wares collected are stored. These fortresses have high walls made from large chunks of old wrecked spaceships for protection against Tusken Raiders and krayt dragons. The species is not known for its aggressiveness, but incidents of Jawas sufficiently provoked and using their sandcrawlers to ram and damage offending customers' property are not unknown.

A band of Jawas were responsible for locating C-3PO and R2-D2 and selling them to Luke Skywalker's uncle Owen Lars. Another tribe of jawas was also responsible for finding Jabba the Hutt's rancor.



The Kaadu live on Naboo. They look like ducks with very long legs. Gungans use them as mounts.


The Kaleesh species is a species from the planet Kalee. They are expert builders of cyborgs. One Kaleesh cyborg, General Grievous is the feared military leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Tall, thin aliens with pale skin from the isolated planet of Kamino, Kaminoans show a long neck. Males also show a ridge through the back of their heads. They like to be isolated from the galaxy. Kaminoans are expert eugenetists, as they had to reproduce through cloning after a natural disaster on Kamino. They work creating and training clones for third parties from stations on massive platforms above the sea. Kaminoans seem to be concerned about the ethics of their workings, but they are also na´ve.

Kaminoans developed the clone army of the Republic, as shown in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Taun We and Lama Su are two examples of Kaminoans.

The aspect of Kaminoans, especially in the initial drafts, was inspired on the supposed aliens of Roswell.

Kel Dor

The Kel Dor hail from the planet Dorin. They require masks to protect them from oxygen-rich atmospheres and to protect their highly sensitive eyes from light. One Kel Dor is Jedi Master and Council member Plo Koon.


Kitonaks are white, pudgy aliens from Kirdo III. They show a tough skin which folds to seal vulnerable openings, a trait evolved to protect them from the harsh environment of Kirdo's deserts. They also have some double organs, including two pairs of lungs.

Kitonaks are very dexterous, but also very patient. They never rush. This is because they feed on animals called choobas and they must stand motionless for a long time until a chooba gets near them. Even when talking with Humans or other aliens, Kitonaks are painfully slow to answer any question, and equally slow to walk (as they do not move their legs, but expand and contract the feet's muscles). They eat once a month. They also have a phobia to quicksands and caves.

Droopy "Snit" McCool of the Max Rebo Band was an example of a Kitonak.


Klatooinians come from the planet Klatooine. When the Hutts were waging a war against Xim the Despot, they looked for help on some planets. Hutts asked Klatooinians to become part of their army. Klatooinians thought it was some kind of sacred war and Barada M'Beg signed a treaty so that Klatooinians will be slaves of the Hutts forever. After defeating Xim, Klatooinians still serve the Hutts. Most of their children are named Barada to honor Barada M'Beg.

One of the thugs on Jabba the Hutt's skiff was a Klatooinian also named Barada. This name comes from sci-fi famous quote Klaatu barada nikto. See also Nikto and The Day the Earth Stood Still. One Klatooinian Jedi is Tardos Gon.


Kobok were an insectoid species that live on planet Roon. They have two orange compound eyes and three-fingered hands. One famous face was Gaff, a Roon representive in the New Republic.


The Kubaz is a insect-eating species that have been known to be informants for the Empire. One such Kubaz, by the name of Garindan, led Stormtroopers to the droids on Tatooine in A New Hope.




Main Article: Mandalorians

The Mandalorians were a warrior race, who faced Revan and the rogue Jedi who later lead the Sith prior to the Jedi civil wars, during the reign of the Old Republic. Though devastated by Revan and the Jedi in the Mandalorian Wars, the Mandalorians still held small factions throughout the galaxy. As a child Jango Fett was taken in and trained by the Mandalorian leader Jaster Mereel.


The Massassi were an ancient primitive warrior race that were enslaved by the Sith. The Massassi were brought to Yavin 4 by the Sith Lord Naga Sadow who was on the run from the Republic and the Jedi. They were originally a red-skinned humanoid race until Naga Sadow conducted cruel genetic experiments on them turning them into a race of fearsome, savage, hunchbacked predators. Despite these, the Massassi treated Naga Sadow as a god, building huge temples and palaces to honor their Sith Lord. They became extinct when Exar Kun sapped the life out of every Massassi on Yavin 4 so that he could free his soul from his body in order to escape the pursuing Jedi. Only one Massassi survived. His name was Kalgrath.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance built a base in the old Massassi temples on Yavin 4. It was from this base that the two Rebel squadrons of X-Wings and Y-Wings attacked the first Death Star.


An alien species from Circarpous V, the Mimbanites were related to the Coway. When the Empire took control of their planet, they thought this species was not suited for the physical demands of slavery.


An alien race almost exactly the same in appearance as Humans, they differ in that they typically have no eyes and cannot see through the focusing of light- Miralukas typically hide their lack of eyes by wearing a headband, a mask, or similar concealing headwear, because they are much less common than Humans, and it is easier to travel if they are seen as being of the dominant species; thus the common confusion as to who is or isn't a Miraluka. Miralukas see through the Force, as they are a Force sentient race; they are often quite shocked if shown life not connected to the Force, like the Jedi Exile. A colony world of the Miraluka's named Katarr was stripped of all life by a Sith Lord named Darth Nihilus approximately 3,950 years BBY, during a meeting of all surviving Jedi, which dealt with the shadow war Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion and their Sith Assassins were waging against them- only the few Knights and Masters who did not attend survived. The only survivor of this colony world was the Miraluka Visas Marr. Notable Miraluka include former Sith Visas Marr, and the Dark Jedi Jerec.


The Mirialan race is a species native to the planet Mirial. The have purer eye colors, some have either paler or darker skin colors, and tattoos covering some part of their face. Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her padawan learner, Barriss Offee are both Mirialans.

  Mogos- a pink ape like creature with one furry anttenae. Mogos live on roon.

Mon Calamari

The Mon Calamari are an amphibious race from the planet Dac (The planet is called Mon Calamari by humans). They are humanoid, about 1.7m tall, with a salmon coloured skin(though they come in many other colors as well, including blue, dark blue, green, and purple) and a squid-like, domed head with googly eyes. They are shore dwellers, but like to be close to water, and can breath under water if necessary, being able to descend to depths of 30 or so meters without equipment. They share their home planet with the Quarren. Their name, a reference to calamari, is a reference to their squid-like appearance.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Mon Calamari eventually joined the Rebel Alliance after the Empire used a Star Destroyer to destroy three floating cities on their watery world. They proved a invaluable asset, primarily due to the Mon Calamari being masters of starship construction and supplying the Alliance with badly needed capital ships that could take on the Galactic Empire's ships of the line. Prior to joining the Alliance, the Mon Calamari had only built passenger liners because of their peaceful ethos.

The most famous Mon Calamari is Admiral Ackbar, the supreme admiral of the Rebel Alliance's naval forces. Admiral Ackbar also assisted with the design of the B-wing starfighter.


A thin, tall species from Muunilist, Muuns have pasty-white skin. Their bodies were elongated and thin, with equally elongated and thin heads. Muuns do not like travelling, and they usually stay indoors. Muuns controlled InterGalactic Banking Clan. During the Clone Wars, Muuns helped the Separatists and minted new coins for planets leaving the Republic.



The Nagai are aliens with pale skin, jet-black hair and angular features, they lived on the planet Nagi, beyond the borders of the Old Republic and the Empire. They were originally known as "Knives". They were natural enemies of the Tof, usually waging wars against them.



Personality: Nautolans reflect the moods of those around them. When confronted by anger and violence, they respond in a kind. When approached in a calm, civilized manner, they seem helpful and polite.

Physical Descripton: Nautolans are amphibious humanoids with molted green skin and sharklike eyes. Instead of hair, a Nautolan sports a crown of long green tendrils. The Nautolan skelatal structure is exeptionally reinforced with extra cartilage that makes the species exeptionally resilient. Adult Nautolans average 1.8 meters tall.

Homeworld: Glee Anselm. a planet of vast swamps, lakes, and seas located in the Mid Rim.

Language: Nautolans speak and read Nautila, but their language is pronouncibale only underwater. On land, Nautila loses a great deal of detail, which most Nautolans find annoying. When out of water, Nautolans tend to speak Anselmian - learned from their nonamphibious nieghbors, the Anselmi - or Basic, which serves them well enough when they travel throughout the galaxy.

Example Names: Garn, Hiskar Dorset, .Kit Fisto, Ploss Niklos, Renko Losa, Setel Yast

Age In Years: Child 1-9, young adult 10-14, adult 15-40; middle age 41-54, old 55-69, venerable 70+

Adventurers: Nautolans crave adventure. Nobles, scouts, scoundrels, and soldiers are common. Nautolans can also be Force adepts, Jeid consulars, and Jedi guardians.

See: Wizard article on the Nautolans (


Neimodians are the most visible villains of the film The Phantom Menace. According to the Expanded Universe, Neimodians are decendents of Duros colonists that landed on Neimoidia in the year of the Republic inception. At some point in their development, the Neimoidians learned to domesticate giant beetles, and they have been getting others to do physical labor for them ever since. By the time of The Phantom Menace, the Neimoidians control the galaxy's largest commercial corporation and are at the head of the powerful Trade Federation.

Neimoidians are born as grubs and placed in communal hives until the age of seven. Inadequate food is fed to young Neimoidians in order to encourage acquisitiveness. Those who hoard enough food survive while those who do not hoard die. Even as adults, Neimoidians tend to be greedy, possessive, and fearful of death.

Neimoidians have been stereotyped by other races in the galaxy as corrupt, particularly after the Battle of Naboo. They are certainly willing to resort to extortian, lies and manipulation, but their success also lies in exceptional organizing abilities. Training in organization revolves around Neimoidia's mass hives and huge fungus farms. The Neimoidians do not view themselves as wicked, but rather focused on being the best capitalists they can be. The Trade Federation army is employed only when "future customers" do not realize their "best interest" in trading with Neimoidians, on Neimoidian terms.

Neimoidian culture is extremely hierarchical. Although, the monarch of the Neimoidians is never seen in the films, every Neimoidian ship carries a hologram of her. Amongst the seen Neimoidians, clothing denotes status:

  • Lott Dod, possibly an allusion to Senator Trent Lott of the United States Senate, wears a tall diplomatic ploov and a purple representative's mantle over a very expensive robe of Tyrian violet cloth.
  • Nute Gunray, Commanding Viceroy of the Federation army, wears a showy crested tiara and blue viceroy's collar.
  • Rune Haako, legal counsel to Nute, wears an attorney's cowl.
  • Daultay Dofine, captain of the flagship vessel for the Naboo invasion, wears a tall command officer's miter.
  • An unnamed Neimoidian wears a lavender collar identifying him as a financial officer.
  • The most exalted Neimoidians rank a walking mechno-chair. Neither comfortable nor practical, mechno-chairs are very expensive beetle-like seats which can carry a lazy Neimoidian or project hologram transmissions. Neimoidians also employ a number of prestigious protocol droids, including the brilliantly silver TC-14. TC-14 is kept docile through frequent memory wipes and is employed to distract guests while the Neimoidians devise manipulation strategies.

In contrast to the rare and showy technology of the Neimoidian elite, the battle forces of the Neimoidians are mechanically advanced, but cheaply mass-produced. An emphasis is placed on massive, intimidating numbers of mindless battle droids controlled through a central computer. This unquestioning reliance on a central control is what will ultimately spell failure for the mechanized army.

Much as the Imperial Officers were given British accents, the Neimoidians have been given Asian accents. This accent has been interpreted as stereotypically Chinese by some. Their accents, ornate robes, and sneaky, greedy nature has led some to see Neimodians as Chinese racial stereotypes.


Nelvaanians are an race of blue-furred bear-like humanoids introduced near the end of the Clone Wars micro-series. All of their warrior braves were captured by the Separatists and were being physically and mentally modified into cyborgs for the war. Anakin Skywalker, who was referred to the race by "Holt Kezed" ("Ghost Hand" in their language), would free them as he destroyed the seperatist base.

The Nelvaanians were appearently named after Nelvana, which produced earlier animated shows based on Star Wars. Their language is based on Hungarian.


Nerfs are grumpy antlered herbivores raised on Alderaan for their milk and meat. Herders of the beasts are well known for being as scruffy looking and surly as their livestock, and to be called a nerf herder is considered a strong insult in starwars episode v the empire strikes back leia called han a scruffy looking nerfherder


When the planet Kintan suffered some changes because of the explosion of a nearby star, evolution on the planet created five sub-branches of the same species, the Niktos: Kajain'sa'niktos (Red Niktos, from the desert); Kadas'sa'niktos (Green Niktos, from the woods); Esral'sa'niktos (Mountain Niktos); Gluss'sa'Niktos (Pale Niktos, from the coast); M'shento'su'nikto (Southern Niktos).

When the Hutts were waging a war against Xim the Despot, they looked for help on some planets. Hutts asked Niktos to become part of their army. Niktos thought it was some kind of sacred war and they signed a treaty so that Niktos will be slaves of the Hutts forever. After defeating Xim, Niktos still serve the Hutts. There are many Niktos serving Jabba the Hutt in the movie Return of the Jedi.

The name Nikto comes from sci-fi famous quote, "Klaatu barada nikto." A Nikto Jedi is Fi-Ek Sirch who fought and died at the Battle of Geonosis. One of the Niktos in Jabba's court was named Klaatu. See also Klatoonian and The Day the Earth Stood Still.


Noghri are primitive humanoid species. They have steely gray skin, and are extremely skilled assassins due to their abilities in stealth and hand-to-hand combat. They are much like the Wookiee species culturally, in that they respect honor above all else.

They are natives of the planet Honoghr, which was ravaged by toxins from a Trade Federation core ship destroyed in a battle during the Clone Wars. Darth Vader visited the planet some time later under the guise of helping it recover from ecological disaster, in return for most of the young males of the planet entering slavery as the personal assassins of Emperor Palpatine.

The Noghri remained in service to the Galactic Empire after the death of Palpatine. About five years after the death of the Emperor, Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered the Noghri to kidnap the pregnant Leia Organa Solo. Realizing that neither she nor her children would be truly safe as long as the Noghri served the Empire, she went to Honoghr in order to convince the Noghri to leave the Empire's service. She was able to use the fact that she was the daughter of Darth Vader to convince the Noghri that the Empire had been lying to them and kept them in virtual slavery for many years. As a result, the Noghri turned against the Empire. Grand Admiral Thrawn died when his Noghri bodyguard Rukh turned on him and stabbed him.

Following the death of Thrawn, the Noghri came into the service of the New Republic. They helped resettle the Noghri to other planets to give Honoghr time to heal. Leia and her entire family became very highly respected figures in Noghri society.

The Noghri appear extensively in the Thrawn trilogy of novels, written by Timothy Zahn.



Although the Omwati are not a branch of humanity, the differences are extremely small. The Omwati skin is a bluish color and their eyes are generally blue or black. The size of an adult Omwati borders that of a human, although their morphology is typically slightly frailer with regard to females. There are very few Omwati with a stout physiology. Their most striking characteristic is their "hair" which appears to be made of small, diaphanous feathers of an iridescent color. Omwati do not have any other hair.

Qui Xux is perhaps the best-known member of the Omwati species. She was a researching at the Imperial Maw Installation and a principle designer of the Death Star. The Rogue Jedi Kyp Duron ripped her memories of both this technology and her past from her mind. The Omwati make their appearance in the Expanded Universe trilogy "The Jedi Academy" by Kevin J. Anderson.


The Ongree are a bizarre looking species from the Skustell Cluster. The Jedi Pablo-Jill was an Ongree.


The Ortoloans are a race of blue-skinned creatures with long snouts, not all that different from a small elephant. One example is Max Rebo in jabbas palace during the cantina band.


Large manta-ray like creatures that were encountered by Lando Calrissian during his early adventures in the Outer Rim. They live in a nubula called ThonBoka where they are nourished by nutrients from their sun. They live in the vacuum of space and have the unusial abiliby to travel through hyperspace for short distances. If an Oswaft is deprived of nutrients from a star for too long it will turn transparent and die. For more indebt information see "The Adventures of Lando Calrissian" by L. Neil Smith



The Priapulin species is a caterpillar looking species from the planet Pria. They need to be in water almost all the time and can see in all directions at all times. One Priapulin is Charza Kwinn.


One of the indigenous races of the planet Wayland. This race appeared in the last novel of the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn. In The Last Command, they are one of the races that the cloned and insane Jedi master Joruus C'Baoth kept under his rule at the foot of Mount Tantiss.


The P'w'ecks are a warm-blooded, dinosaur-like species similar in appearance to the Ssi-Ruu but with lower intelligence, smaller size, short tails and drooping eyes. The Ssi-Ruuk have dominated the P'w'ecks for thousands of years, enslaving and controlling their lives. They are used as slaves, guards and beasts of burden and perform the lowest jobs in Ssi-Ruuvi society. The P'w'eck first appeared in the Expanded Universe novel The Truce at Bakura where they served onboard the Ssi-Ruuk warships.

Notable P'w'ecks include Lwothin, a leader of the P'w'eck Emancipation Movement who appeared in the New Jedi Order novel Force Heretic: Refugee



Quarrens or Qarrens are a species of aquatic humanoids that share the planet of Mon Calamari with another sentient aquatic species, the Mon Calamari, from which the planet is named. They are more introverted than their neighbours, preferring the deep water to the surface and rarely inviting guests to their domain. They resemble humanoids with squid like heads.

During the Clone Wars, the Quarren Isolation League attempted to isolate Mon Calamri from the rest of the galaxy. They were eventually defeated during the Battle of Mon Calamari where Clone SCUBA troopers under the command of Kit Fisto defeated them and their Separatist allies.


Quermians are an invertebrate long-necked species with psychic abilities that hail from the planet Quermia. One example is Jedi Master Yarael Poof.



Raddans are a species of humanoids with lion-like facial features.


see main article: Rakata

The Rakata are an amphibian humanoid species that was featured in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. They ruled an Infinite Empire consisting of 500 worlds thousands of years before the establishment of the Galactic Republic. They are credited with having developed an advanced technology, hyperdrive, wardroids and the semi-entity Star Forge. They are savage and cruel to species that they have conquered and at the height of their Infinite Empire, there were 10 billion Rakatans and 1 trillion slaves. Their crimes included slavery and the destruction of Tatooine's climate which became a desert world after being bombed by the Rakata. The Infinite Empire eventually collapsed because of civil war among the Rakata. A great plague also drew the Rakata back to there homeworld because for some unknown reason it only infected the rakata speacies. also it has been mentioned that they were once force sensitive and it was believed that they abused it for so long that they just forgot it. The force was mention to how they built (The Starforge, the Starmaps, and was also how they were able to build starships.)


Rancors are monsters with large teeth and claws and armored skin that can absorb blaster bolts. It is unknown where they originated as they can be found on various worlds such as Dathomir and planets in the Ottethan system. Generally they are five to ten meters tall however the rancors on Dathomir have been known to be taller. They have rudimentary intelligence and it has been possible to domesticate a number of the rancors on Dathomir so they could be used as mounts.

Jabba the Hutt kept one as a pet in a pit beneath his palace courts, dropping victims in to feed it. The animal handler Malakili was hired by Jabba as the rancor's keeper, and grew quite fond of the beast.


Rodians are a race of green, antenna-sporting, bug-eyed humanoids from the planet Rodia ; the most notable specimen was Greedo, the bounty hunter shot by Han Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina in the original Star Wars movie (A New Hope). A young Rodian named Wald (played by Warwick Davis), a friend of Anakin Skywalker, appears in The Phantom Menace. In Attack of the Clones, Rodians are represented by Senator Onaconda Farr, and Palpatine's aide Dar Warc.


Ryn are a humanoid race. Their bodies are covered in fur that primarily grows in a short fuzz all around, with the exception of their human-like hair and the human-like mustaches on the men. They also have prehensile tails, excellent for grasping things. The Ryn are something of the Gypsies of Star Wars, and are clearly based off of them. They are nomadic, with no knowledge of their original homeworld, and are either hated, ignored, or quietly despised in every corner of the Galaxy, notably such areas as the Corporate Sector, are fond of dance, song, and the enjoyment of life. A peculiar habit of theirs is that a Ryn cannot sleep in the same location twice. They apparently once had an impressive warrior tradition on their homeworld, but that was, save for their tendency to fight tenaciously, apparently lost, although Sabacc, the popular card game that took the place of Pazacc in terms of card game prominence, is derived from their use of it as a fortune telling tool in their auguries. These auguries are today favored by Hutts, who have a superstitious belief in the card tellings (that may not be entirely unjustified when the Force comes into play.) A Ryn named Droma aided Han Solo during the Yuuzhan Vong crisis and was aided in turn.



The Saffa's main contribution is an important art form, the Saffa paintings, which were created after the Saffa made contact with the Thennqora. One of the few mentions of these paintings is in the book Heir to the Empire, where it is seen being projected around Grand Admiral Thrawn's chair and is mentioned when Thrawn asks Admiral Pellaeon what he knows about art and then procedes to give him a quick lession about the importance of art in understanding a species. The Saffa painting reached its height approximately 1550-2200 years ago.



Selkath are the native species of the planet Manaan. An aquatic species, they are very good swimmers and have the ability to breathe out of water. They resemble anthropomorphic catfish and have aqua-colored skin. In ancient times, their ancestors were slaves to the Rakata. Their planet has only one city above land, the capital, Ahto City, and it is the position of the Selkath to remain neutral in times intergalactic conflict. Their laws are very harsh, and it is common for violence or attempts to compromise Manaan's neutrality to be punished by death. All members of the Selkath race have venom-tipped, retractable claws. Similar to the Wookiees, the use of these claws in any form of combat is considered dishonorable and a sign of madness. A large, female Firaxan Shark, known as the Progenator, is seen as either a deity, or even an early evolutionary step in the Selkath chain. This belief is similar to that of a mother Earth goddess, or mother "ocean" goddess in this case. After the events in Knights of the Old Republic, a Force tradition known as the Order of Shasa arose among the Selkath.

The population of the Selkath has always been low, even in times of prosperity, but there was a greater proportion of Force-sensitives compared to other species. The members of the Order act as seers, advisors, and elite military leaders in times of war. Their main weapon is a fira, a curved sword, similar to a scimitar, constructed of cortosis and as part of initiation in the Order of Shasa. Some time after the Battle of the Star Forge, the source of kolto dried up for reasons unknown and foreign groups abandoned Ahto City and the Selkath. As such, the Selkath gradually reverted to primitive ways, and abandoned Ahto City. When the Empire returned centuries later, Ahto City was revived, but the Selkath were enslaved. As in many other examples of racism, the Empire polluted the oceans of Manaan and wrecked the environment. Darth Vader himself came to the planet, and soon started a "shadow revolt" of the Selkath. However, he told several Force-sensitive Selkath warriors and Shasan Adepts of when and where to strike the Imperial Stormtrooper patrols. It is currently unknown whether the Empire put down this revolt, left the planet, or even didn't care.

Information of the events after KotOr provided by Wizards of the Coast, with articles written by Cory Herndon. All other information came from the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.


A furry, burrowing species from the Corellian System, Selonians resemble giant weasels in appearance. Most selonians are infertile females, only one in every 100 is a male, and 5 in 100 are fertile females. Selonians live in clans, always headed by a female. Although they do possess advanced technology, they usually stay on-planet.



Colloquially nicknamed "wolfmen," the Shistavanen appear just that way. Their bodies are covered in dark hair and they have intimidating, glowing red eyes and sharp fangs. Like the Wookiees, the Shistavanen are naturally well-suited to work as scouts, but unlike the Wookiees, are more commonly employed by the Empire. The race has not been much developed even in the Extended Universe, but one is visible in the Mos Eisley cantina in A New Hope.


Long extinct, the Sith was the native species of the planet Korriban. They had red skin and tentacle 'beards', and had a natural talent for mastering the Force. Some time after the Great Schism several refugee Dark Jedi settled on the planet. Amazing the Sith with their mastery of the Force, the fallen Jedi soon elevated themselves to god-like status, becoming the rulers of the Sith. As the centuries passed, interbreeding occurred between the human Dark Jedi and the Sith, creating a half-species with an enormous talent for manipulating the Force. This species, which were also called Sith, had red skin like the original Sith. A prominent member of this half-species was the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. The half-Sith species is also considered extinct.

The name 'Sith' was adopted by their Dark Jedi rulers, and has later been used by numerous fallen Jedi organizations.


The atmosphere in Skako is extremely dense, so Skakoans evolved to survive under great pressures. Now, when a Skakoan leaves Skako, he or she decompresses and dies in any low-pressure environment. Thus, they wear special protective suits. Very few non-Skakoans have seen a Skakoan without the suit. The Skakoans were relatively unknown in the galaxy, except for their control of the Techno Union, an important union of engineers and scientists.


Coming from Cadomai, Snivvians are short humanoids with protuding jaws and short fangs, sometimes called Snaggletooths. Because they come from a cold world, evolution gave them thick skin instead of fur. They are excellent scouts and trackers, and also obsessive artists. Frequently, a Snivvian author will research his or her characters to an extreme level, sometimes with great risk. When two twin males are born, one of them is always a psychotic genius, so they try to control their genetics.

They are a race similar in feature to Trandoshans and considered a sociopathic species.


A species from Skor II, Squibs are known for collecting knickknacks and for their love of trading/haggling. They are short, clumsy and goofy, rodent-like creatures whose coloration ranges from white to silvery blue. They do not like to eat anything.


The Ssi-Ruuk are a saurian race that invaded from outside the known galaxy in the novel immediately following Return of the Jedi, The Truce at Bakura. They resemble dinosaurs and are covered with a thick scaly hide. Their skin is so thick that it can withstand blast shots with only minor burns to show for it. They have clawed hands and feet, strong hind legs and powerful tails. The Ssi-Ruuk also had a rigid caste system based on skin colour. Their caste system comprised of four main groups: blue, gold, red and green. Blue Ssi-ruuk are the politicians and leaders of Ssi-ruuvi society. Gold-scaled Ssi Ruuk served as the clergy while red-scaled Ssi-Ruuk were the military caste. The largest caste is made up of green scaled Ssi-Ruuk who were workers. There is also a related species, the P'w'eck that are only slaves.

This race relied on a technology called entechment that involved capturing the life-energy of beings and using them as power sources. Apparently contacted by the Emperor Palpatine through the Force, the Ssi-Ruuk came to the galaxy to trade some of their battle drones for slaves to entech. The Ssi-Ruuk had discovered that humans lasted the longest as batteries when the Emperor died. Stranded at the edge of the galaxy, they tried to invade and capture more beings for power. Early in their invasion, they had captured and brainwashed a Force-sensitive boy named Dev Sibwarra and used him to calm the subjects being enteched. Bakura was the Imperial world where the Ssi-Ruuk were stopped after the Rebellion sent a force to aid the planet. The Imperials and Rebels made a temporary truce to fight off the Ssi-Ruuk, who, upon being defeated mainly through the efforts of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker departed and were not heard from again until the Yuuzhan Vong war.


A small, mousy, big-eared species that live in caves on the planet Sullust, most Sullustans work for the Sorusuub Corporation. The majority of those that have found their way offworld work as pilots. They have a reputation for excellence and intuition for piloting, which has mostly been earned through simple hard work. They are also intuitively very good when walking a way they know, a skill that also applies when piloting a ship; thus, they are good navigators.

Famous Sullustans include Nien Nunb, copilot of the Millennium Falcon at the Battle of Endor.



The Talz is a furry race with two distinct sets of eyes: one for day vision, and one for night vision. They are generally peaceful and pacifistic creatures, but were forced into slave labor by the Empire.

Foul Moudama was a Talz Jedi Master who died protecting Chancellor Palpatine from General Grievous.


The Tauntaun were from The Empire Strikes Back. They resemble a large, gray-furred kangaroo with horns, four nostrils, and white patch on the underbelly. It was represented in the film by a combination of puppetry and stop motion animation.

The Rebel Alliance uses the creatures as mounts on the ice planet of Hoth. Luke Skywalker rides one of the creatures, as does Han Solo. After finding Luke lost in the frozen wastes, Han's Tauntaun succumbs to the cold and dies. Han uses Luke's lightsaber to cut open the belly of the Tauntaun and pushes Luke into the still-warm innards to protect him from the freezing cold.

Tauntauns are omnivorous and subsist mostly off lichens that grow in hoarfrost. Due to the seasonal cycle of the planet Hoth, Tauntauns generally mate in late spring and give birth to two young on what for Earth would be a semi-annual cycle. Although diurnal in nature, the domesticated Tauntaun has been used for both day and night operations. For the later, they are particularly well suited because of their ability to see in the near IR spectrum.


Teeks are rodentlike, simian creatures that live in the forest moon of Endor. They were first mentioned in The Illustrated Star Wars Universe book. They have a reputation of scavenging and stealing from animal nests and Ewok dwellings. Teeks have long, pointed ears, scruffy white fur, and beady black eyes. They communicate by constant chattering. They wear clothes with many belts, pouches and pockets for the things they have managed to steal.


This species influenced Saffa paintings after their initial contact several millennia ago.


Thisspiasians are a sentient serpentine species from the planet Thisspias. Master Oppo Rancisis who sat on the Jedi Council during the Clone Wars is the only example of a character of this species in the films.


An extinct race of furry humanoids that used to live on Mimban.


Green-skinned humanoids from planet Tof, beyond the galactic rims, they are devoid of moral, compassion or patience. They were ruled by monarchs who usually have military experience. They are natural enemies of the Nagai and both species are usually in war.


The Togruta are a species from the planet Shili. One example is the Jedi Master Shaak Ti. They live in tribes and work together to defeat massive beasts of the jungles of Shili.


Toydaria is a swampy world in Hutt Space in the Outer Rim. Toydarians are short mammals, with fat bodies and snouts. Their stomachs are full of helium so that they can fly when flapping their smallish wings. They are immune to most mind tricks caused by The Force. Watto, a slaver who owned Anakin Skywalker, is a Toydarian. And Reti a starfighter pilot in the Starfighter series of games. Air traffic is strictly regulated on Toydaria as the Toydarians all fly around the planet and rarely use vehicles. There are trains on the planet for other travellers.


Trandoshan are large, reptilian humanoids from the planet Trandosha (or Dosha), they have supersensitive eyes that can see into the infrared range and the ability to regenerate lost limbs when they are young. They also shed their skin. The Trandoshans are a warlike species who allied early with the Empire, taking Wookiees as slaves. Trandoshan religion consists mainly of trying to score enough Jagannath points, earned through bounty-hunting or slavery-based kills, to appease the main goddess, or Scorekeeper. Thus, many Trandoshans are bounty hunters or slavers, operating both inside and outside the boundaries of the law. They take particular pleasure in skinning Wookiees for their pelts. A notable Trandoshan is Bossk, who had a cameo role in the movies and is a longtime enemy of both Han Solo and Chewbacca the Wookiee.


An advanced, adventurous feline species, the Trianii inhabit the outermost portion of the Corporate Sector. In many ways they are simlar to the Togorians, Cathar, and Catuman Warriors. Unlike these other feline species, however, Trianii have prehensile tails, and their more agile figures are perfect for leaping, jumping, and acrobatics. Like most feline species Trianii have excellent balance and eye sight. Their sleek fur comes in a wide range of colors and patterens. Trian (Trianii's planet) remained independent and unhindered throughtout the rise and fall of the Empire. The Trianii have indicated no desire to join the New Republic.

Tusken Raider

see main article: Tusken Raider

More commonly referred to as "Sand People" by the inhabitants of Tatooine, Tusken Raiders are a nomad race that wrap their entire bodies to protect them from the sand. When hunting, they travel in single-file lines to hide their numbers. Their main weapon is the gaffi stick, and they ride banthas.


see main article: Twi'lek

Twi'leks are a species with two tails - called lekku - protruding from their heads and colored skin. Their homeworld is Ryloth. They understand most alien languages but prefer to speak their own kind. Many Twi'lek females are sold to slavery as dancers for crime lords and such, while others take jobs to dance at cantinas. This is a result of the females' legendary beauty. Twi'Lek's are a prominent race in the Expanded Universe series of books, games, and other media. Twi'leks served in both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Jabba the Hutt's aide, Bib Fortuna was a Twi'lek, as was Aayla Secura, a Jedi Knight.



Ubese are humanoid creatures that are primarily called on as mercenaries or bounty hunters.Normally, they are a very aggressive people. The Ubese's home world is unknown, as they tend to be very secretive, associating only within their own circles. They have a very distinct hatred for Jedi, believing they destroyed their homeworld, thus they train with cortosis weapons, items that can resist lightsabers, and during the events of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, they were employed by an Exchange thug to kill the Jedi Exile. The Ubese quickly died out after that and very few remained until Leia Organa killed the last of the Ubese, later posing as the last Ubese warrior as she infiltrated the palace of Jabba the Hutt. The typical Ubese wears a protective, airtight environment suit, and is armed with usually a double bladed vibro-sword.


The Ugnaughts are a race seen working on Lando Calrissian's Cloud City. They appear like dwarf-sized humans with some pig-like features, such as a slightly upturned nose and chubby belly. The Ugnaughts originate from the Anoat System. They are well known for annoying Chewbacca while he is trying to get back the pieces of C-3PO after he is blown apart. Their role was once again reprised in the games Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight II, the latter of which has an ugnaught as one of the multiplayer models.


Umbarans reside on the dark world of Umbara deep within the Ghost Nebula. Umbarans have the ability to subtly influence, or control people easily.

Sly Moore, Chancellor Palpatine's Staff Aide, is an Umbaran.


The native inhabitants of Utapau are divided into 2 distinct species. The taller, more highly evolved Utapauns have deeply lined, ash-coloured faces, gaunt builds, and wear thick, tighly fitting clothes. These Utapauns hold the political power on Utapau, controlling the planet, and administering the ports in the sinkhole cities. The smaller inhabitants of Utapau make up the working class. They have rounded faces with distended eyes, and have a short, stocky build.



This species evolved on the planet of Vaathkree. They seem to be made of stone and metal, but it is oly an armor-like covering. They are known for their religion, centered on bartering.


The Verpine inhabit the fictional Roche asteroid field and run the aerospace engineering company Slayn & Korpil. Verpine are characterized by their bipedal, wingless bodies and thier unusual ability to communicate with each other via organic short wave radio transmissions originating from their antenna. They have an egalitarian, completely democratized society. The verpine do not play a significant part in any of the Star Wars movies or novels.


The Vratix are native to the planet of Thyferra. They are essential in the creation of the healing fluid bacta.


The Vurk was a species that looked like a dinosaur. Jedi Coleman Trebor was a Vurk.



Wampas are a horned, white, ape-like species who reside on the frozen world of Hoth, sixth planet in the Hoth system; they are also rumoured to inhabit in the Outer Rim, the planet Gall. They are a semi-sentient race that subsists in the cold climate by hunting taun-tauns and other such creatures. Luke Skywalker had a famous encounter with a wampa in the film The Empire Strikes Back, which resulted in the wampa losing an arm.

In the Expanded Universe novel Darksaber, Luke Skywalker, his love interest at the time (Callista), and a group of big-game hunters come into contact with the now one-armed wampa, as well as a horde of his angry brethren.


The Weequay are a low-intelligence species that lives primarily on the planet Tatooine. The majority of the Weequay population is simultaneously farmers and criminals. Weequays are widely used throughout the galaxy as henchmen (or henchweequays).

They are a race of indianesque humanoid creatures that also hail from the planet Sriluur, a harsh desert planet lending to the species' tanned skin tone and rough, sandy, wrinkled skin. Their eyes are dark and slightly recessed into their skull; their hair tied into one or two long braids — a staple characteristic and symbol of status among their kin.

Their role is usually minor, as their ignorant and mean-spirited temperaments leave them to be ill suited for more grand ventures, while their suspicious and xenophobic nature prevent them from carving new settlements in strange worlds. They are occasionally hired as bodyguards in Hutt syndicates when they choose to make their lives in the galaxy.


Whiphids are tall, muscled, furred creatures with great tusks from the planet Toola. They are great hunters and they export ice to other planets. They can also go into a coma-like state to heal major wounds.

One particular Whiphid was J'Quille, who, while working under Jabba the Hutt, had tried to assassinate him with a slow-acting poison in his food. Another Whiphid was Jedi Master K'Kruhk. He suposedly died at the Battle of Hypori, but survived due to the Whiphid ability to go into a coma-like state to heal severe injuries.


A Wirutid is a hyper-intelligent fungus that evolves into a human form to secure shelter and trap prey.


see main article: Wookiee

Wookiees are an extremely tall and muscular race of furred humanoids from the planet Kashyyyk. Notable wookiees include Chewbacca, Tarfful, Zaalbar, Tyvokka and Lowbacca. Wookies are not anatomically suited to speak Basic, because of their unique vocal chords they are unable to form any other noises except roars and rely on interpreter droids or simply others with knowledge of the language to converse.


See Defel



The X'ting are an insectoid species, native to the planet Cestus, that change gender every few months.


The Xexto are short, (4'3" max), have four arms, two legs and long necks. They hail from the planet Troiken. An example of a Xexto is Gasgano (Episode 1).




The Yevetha are a skeletal-looking race of humanoids from the planet N'zoth, near the Galactic Core. They are extremely racially biased, considering all other races to be vermin in their eyes. The Empire utilized them as shipyard workers during the Galactic Civil War because of their extreme intelligence, but this backfired when the Yevetha took over all the shipyards and killed or enslaved all the Imperials during an Imperial retreat.

Yuuzhan Vong

see main article: Yuuzhan Vong

An extra-galactic species whose world was destroyed by warfare. Since then, they have traveled to the Star Wars galaxy, with conquest on their mind. Yuuzhan Vong are religious fanatics and they use living creatures instead of technology, "as their gods told them to" - they are technophobic. They scar themselves ritually. They are also immune to the powers of the Force, and have become one of the greatest threats to the Star Wars galaxy ever.


The Yuzzums are a race mentioned in the Illustrated Star Wars Universe book from the Forest Moon of Endor. The Yuzzums are fur-covered mammals with a wide mouth with protruding teeth on top of their heads and long legs. They are less intelligent than the Ewoks and dwell on the plains of the forest moon. Groups of Yuzzums often hunt in packs through the tall grass of the plains hunting for rodents to eat.

They have been exported as pets, but they are not very good at that. They have a musical language and some yuzzumi have found a job as singers. One of the singers in Jabba the Hutt's court was a yuzzum.



Zabraks are humanoids that are born with spikes on the top of their head. Their homeplanet is Iridonia, though they have established many colonies on nearby worlds. They have excellent willpower and are a stubborn, proud people.

Zabraks are noted for having a crown of horns on their skulls. The pattern in which these horns grow signifies the race of the Zabrak, similar to how skin color signifies the race of a Human.

Zabrak also traditionally have facial tattoos, typically composed of a pattern of thin lines. In certain cases these tattoos can be quite elaborate (such as with Darth Maul's red-and-black tattoo job), but most Zabrak tend to be conservative with their designs. It is unclear what these designs signify. They may indicate which family the Zabrak belongs to, where they grew up, or they may well be just a matter of personal preference on the part of the Zabrak.

Known Zabraks include Agen Kolar, Bao-Dur, Eeth Koth, Darth Maul and Kerian Sey.


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