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M. Bison

M. Bison (sometimes referred to as Major Bison, but officially called Master Bison and known in Japan as Vega) is one of the primary bosses of the Street Fighter fighting game series.



According to his official biography, his date of birth was April 17, with no year or place mentioned, although one account had him born in March 1991; this date coincides with the release of Street Fighter II, although it's highly unlikely that 1991 was his birth year seeing as how the length of the construction of Shadoloo would place the Street Fighter series around 2021. He was actually reborn in a new body at around that time after his old one had been destroyed in the Alpha series. He stood 182 cm (5' 11") and weighed 96 kg (254 lb). His "special skill" is mind control (in Japanese 催眠術, saiminjutsu, literally meaning "hypnosis"), he likes world domination (the term 世界征服 sekai seifuku, literally means "world conquest"), and he hates useless soldiers. His fighting style is "Psycho Power" which allows him to teleport, fly, create multiple forms/images of himself, and engulf his body in indigo colored flames, although early sources claim that it is a ki-enhanced military form of Muay Thai known as Lerdrit; he is based out of Thailand.


(According to facts in Capcom's old official storyline guides, Bison used to be a martial artist who wanted to be the best and strongest; he was trained under someone, who at the time was the only Psycho Power user. He also trained alongside two other students, however, Bison eventually was tainted by the Psycho Power and killed his master before going on a rampage. It's unknown what happened to the other two students, but Bison went onto create the world-spanning criminal organization known as Shadoloo, which was fully formed 30 years before the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3; considering that he managed to get Shadoloo fully developed by thirty years' time, it can be assumed that Bison must have been at least in his late teens to early twenties then in order to create the organization making Bison around his late forties to early fifties.)

The info above is not canon.

Shadoloo's satellite (featured in Street Fighter Alpha 3) apparently can give the Psycho Drive long distance capabilities, as shown in various SFA3 endings. The location of only two Shadoloo bases have been revealed so far; one located in Brazil, and the other located in Thailand. The Psycho Drive isn't Bison's source of power, however; it is used to channel in all the negative energy of the world. M. Bison then uses his shoulder plates to transfer the energy from the Psycho Drive to his body. This may be a reason why the doll uniforms have shoulder patches, too, but that aspect of the doll uniform is conjecture. The Psycho Drive can channel any negative energy or emotions, but Bison can get more from fighters. To master Psycho Power, Bison had to expel the goodness from his soul, which formed into the woman called Rose.

Shadoloo came to the attention of Interpol, who sent their special operative Chun-Li to take Bison down. Although Chun-Li defeated him, he flew away, telling her that he would kill her, like he killed her father, the next time they met. Later, he encountered Rose, who swore to destroy him. Although she apparently succeeded, Bison's Psycho Power was not defeated.

He recovered from his battle, but his Psycho Power started to exceed the limits his body could withstand. Having predicted this event, Bison had his scientists engineer a body that he could transfer his essence to, but that body, Cammy, escaped from Shadoloo's conditioning. Bison then turned his sights to Ryu, one of the most powerful fighters in the world, and the personal nemesis of Bison's former underling, Sagat. Bison captured Ryu and subjected him to mental conditioning; when Sagat objected, Bison turned Ryu on him, telling him he could finally have his rematch. While Sagat battled Ryu, Ryu's friends Ken and Sakura fought Bison. Outmatched, Bison retreated to the Psycho Drive, which restored his power.

USAF officers Charlie and Guile teamed with Chun-Li to stop Bison at the cost of Charlie's life; he distracted Bison while Guile and Chunli destroyed the base.

Bison's corrupted soul survived the explosion, and took over Rose's body, unifying their fractured essences, and he used Rose's body until Shadoloo's scientists could engineer a new one. He took the new body, but his powers were severely drained. He sought revenge by organizing a second World Warrior tournament and sent invitations to those responsible for his crippling defeat. M. Bison was far weaker during SF2 though (no teleportation, flight, lack of muscle mass, giant psycho crusher, etc.) due to the fact that by having his soul whole again instead of just the evil half, his Psycho Power wasn't anywhere near as powerful as it was during SFA3. Psycho Power relies on negative energy and because Bison merged with Rose at the end of SFA3, he was no longer fully negative seeing as how Rose was his soul's expelled good half; he is also weaker because he doesn't have the Psycho Drive anymore after its destruction in SFA3.

Sometime in the second World Warrior tournament, Akuma jumped into Bison arena and perfomed the Shun Goku Satsu (Instant Hell Murder a.k.a. The Raging Demon) on him. Bison was then pulled into Hell, where demons attacked his soul and ultimately destroyed him.


His general attire consists of a red military uniform with large silver shoulder plates, wrist bands, and shin guards; on his cap is the skull insigna of his crime syndicate known as Shadoloo (sometimes referred to as Shadowlaw or Shadaloo). M. Bison's eyes are pupil-less leaving them a ghastly white color and he also sports a grey colored cape prior to facing an opponent. In Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter EX 3, Bison is far more muscular than his Street Fighter II incarnations due to the fact that his power decreased greatly; also, when Bison unleashes the true depths of his Psycho Powers, his appearance is also known to have changed. Within Street Fighter Alpha 3, Shin Bison (Bison's most powerful form, and the game's final boss for nearly all the characters) had a far darker tone to his uniform and skin as well as the Psycho Flames surrounding him in an aura more frequently. In Street Fighter EX 3, Bison acquires a form known as True Bison in which he dons a white uniform and his skin transforms into a purple color.


In Street Fighter, Major Bison was played by Ral Juli, the last role he played before his death. In Street Fighter II: The Movie his voice was provided by Takeshi Kusaka. In the Street Fighter Alpha and Marvel vs. Capcom series as well as Namco x Capcom, Master Bison was voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura (who also voiced Akuma/Gouki). In the SNK VS. Series and Capcom Fighting Evolution Master Bison was voiced by Norio Wakamoto.

Name change

M. Bison is the American name of the Street Fighter character Lord Vega. The character named M. Bison, or Mike Bison, in the original Japanese release was renamed Balrog due to fear of a potential lawsuit from Mike Tyson, while the character originally named Balrog was renamed Vega. Template:Major Street Fighter Charactersja:ベガ (ゲームキャラクター)


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