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Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto, and Uchiha Sasuke with the logo of the series they star in.

Naruto (ナルト) is a manga and anime TV series by Masashi Kishimoto about a loud, hyperactive teenage ninja by the name of Uzumaki Naruto who constantly searches for approval and recognition.

It was first published by Shueisha in Japan in the 43rd issue in 1999 of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. So far there have been 27 volumes of the manga series published in the country. VIZ Media publishes a translated version in the American Shonen Jump, though there have been only 6 of the 27 volumes manga released so far. Viz also licensed the anime for North American production. It has been announced that Naruto is to air in Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block in September 2005.


Manga and anime details

With weekly releases, the manga has grown to 264 chapters (only forty-five of which are out in the U.S.) The anime currently has 139 episodes. Although it debuted some time after the manga, the television series is quickly catching up since one episode usually covers roughly two manga chapters. To prevent overlap, the episodes generally tend to protract the manga chapters into great lengths with short bursts of energy-packed action, and sometimes filler is added. However, Naruto remains true to the manga for the most part. New episodes (animated by Studio Pierrot) air weekly on TV Tokyo in Japan during the Golden Time slot - Japan's equivalent of prime time in the US - each Wednesday night at 7:27PM.

The series has also spawned two movies: Naruto the Movie - Yukihime Ninpōjō and Naruto the Movie 2 - Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki. The second movie is due to hit theaters in Japan on August 6th, 2005.

Among older fans (usually detractors of the series), Naruto's length and popularity is often compared to Dragon Ball Z, another action-oriented shōnen series. This popularity was highly fueled by people on the Internet translating the Naruto anime and manga (see scanlation and fansub for more information about those practices), making it famous even in countries where it was never imported in any fashion. In North America, Viz's release of the manga contributed greatly to its popularity. Another reason why Naruto is often compared to Dragon Ball Z is that some members of Naruto's large fanbase are inexperienced in using IRC (which is used to distribute fansubs) and are an annoyance to the normal users and channel operators, thus earning them general contempt and the derogatory nickname "narutards" (a portmanteau of "Naruto" and "retard").


Twelve years before the events at the focus of the series, the Nine-Tails Demon Fox – or Kyubi (Kyūbi) – attacked Konohagakure, the hidden village of leaf. It was a mighty demon indeed; the flap of a single tail of the Nine-Tails would raise tsunamis and flatten mountains. It raised chaos and slaughtered the people, until the leader of Konoha – the Yondaime Hokage (Hokage the 4th) – defeated it by sacrificing his own life to seal Kyubi inside a newborn child.

That child's name was Uzumaki Naruto.

The Yondaime Hokage was remembered as a hero for sealing the Nine-Tails away, and he wanted Naruto to be remembered as a hero as well for being the vessel of containment for the Nine-Tail fox demon, but the village he grew up in had mostly contempt for Naruto, because of the tragedy that was brought to them by the same demon that's living inside Naruto.

The other villagers were forbidden to mention the event to anyone, even their own children. However, this did not stop them from still treating Naruto like an outcast. Although their children did not specifically know why their parents treated Naruto the way they did, they learned through example to despise the boy. As result, Naruto grew up as an orphan in a lonesome atmosphere without friends or acknowledgment. He could not bring his parents back or force people to befriend him, so he sought acknowledgment and attention the only way he knew – through pranks and mischief. But that would soon change. Naruto is about to face the ninja academy graduation exam – a gateway to the events and people that will change and define his world and his way of the ninja for the rest of his life.

Naruto maintains a balance between seriousness and frivolity, drama and comedy. It follows Naruto and his friends' personal growth and development as ninja, and emphasizes their interactions with each other and the influence of their backgrounds on their personalities. Naruto gets to know more about Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. They are comrades in a three man group with a very experienced teacher named Hatake Kakashi. They learn new ablities, skills, and power as Naruto dreams of becoming the next Hokage of Konohagakure.


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Hidden Leaf Village

Hidden Sound Village

Hidden Rain Village

Hidden Sand Village


Missing Nins

Some of the following may be listed for another village above. But they are stil regarded as Missing Nins from their former village.


Opening sequences

  1. R★O★C★K★S by HOUND DOG (Episodes 1-25)
  2. 遥か彼方 (Haruka Kanata, "Faraway") by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION (Episodes 26-53)
  3. 悲しみをやさしさに (Kanashimi o Yasashisa ni, "Sadness into kindness") by little by little (Episode 54-77)
  4. GO!!! by FLOW (Episodes 78-103)
  5. 青春狂想曲 (Seishun Kyōsōkyoku, "Youth's Rhapsody") by サンボマスター (Sanbomasutā, "Sambomaster") (Episodes 104-128)
  6. ノーボーイ・ノークライ (Nō bōi - Nō kurai, "No Boy, No Cry") by STANCE PUNKS (Episodes 129-Current)

Ending sequences

  1. Wind(ワインド)(Wind (Waindo), "Wind (") by 明星 (Akeboshi) (Episodes 1-25)
  2. ハルモニア (Harumonia, "Harmonia") by RYTHEM (Episodes 26-51)
  3. ビバ★ロック~japanese side~ (Biba★rokku~japanese side~, "Viva★rock ~Japanese side~") by ORANGE RANGE (Episodes 52-64)
  4. ALIVE by 雷鼓 (Raiko) (Episodes 65-77)
  5. 今まで何度も (Ima Made Nando Mo, "Many times up to now") by ザ・マスミサイル (Za Masumisairu, "The Massmissile") (Episodes 78-89)
  6. 流星 (Ryūsei, "Shooting Star") by TiA (Episodes 90-103)
  7. マウンテン・ア・ゴーゴー・ツー (Maunten-a-gōgō-tsū, "Mountain a go go two") by キャプテンストライダム (Kyaputen Sutoraidam, "Captain Stridum") (Episodes 104-115)
  8. はじめて君としゃべった (Hajimete kimi to shabetta, "The first time I spoke with you") by ガガガSP (GagagaSP) (Episodes 116-128)
  9. 失くした言葉 (Nakushita Kotoba, "Lost Words") by ノー・リグレット、ライフ (Nō-riguretto, raifu, "No Regret Life") (Episodes 129-Current)

Episode List

Season One

  • 001: 参上!うずまきナルト, Sanjō! Uzumaki Naruto, "Calling on! Uzumaki Naruto"
  • 002: 木ノ葉丸だ コレ!, Konohamaru da kore!, "I am Konohamaru!"
  • 003: 宿敵!?サスケとサクラ, Shukuteki!? Sasuke to Sakura, "Old enemy!? Sasuke and Sakura"
  • 004: 試練!サバイバル演習, Shiren! Sabaibaru enshū, "Test! Survival practice"
  • 005: 失格?カカシの結論, Shikkaku? Kakashi no Keturon, "Disqualification? Kakashi's conclusion"
  • 006: 重要任務!波の国へ超出発!, Jūyō ninmu! Nami no Kuni e chō-shuppatsu!, "Important mission! Super-departure to the Land of Waves!"
  • 007: 霧の暗殺者!, Kiri no ansatsusha!, "Assassin of the Mist!"
  • 008: 痛みに誓う決意, Itami ni chikau ketsui, "Decision sworn on pain"
  • 009: 写輪眼のカカシ, Sharingan no Kakashi, "Sharingan Kakashi"
  • 010: チャクラの森, Chakura no mori, "Forest of chakra"
  • 011: 英雄のいた国, Eiyū no ita kuni, "The country that had a hero"
  • 012: 橋上決戦!ザブザ再び!!, Kyōjō kessen! Zabuza futatabi!!, "Decisive battle on the bridge! Zabuza once more!!"
  • 013: 白んの秘術 魔鏡氷晶, Haku no hijutsu Makyō Hyōshō, "Haku's secret technique Demonic Mirror Ice Crystals"
  • 014: 意外性No.1 ナルト参戦!, Igaisei nanbā wan Naruto sansen!, "No.1 surprising nature Naruto joins the battle"
  • 015: 視界ゼロの戦い 写輪眼崩し, Shikai zero no tatakai Sharingan kuzushi, "Battle in zero visibility The Sharingan crumbles"
  • 016: 解放された封印, Kaihō sareta fūin, "The released seal"
  • 017: 白い過去・秘めた想い, Shiroi Kako - Himeta omoi, "White past - Hidden feelings"
  • 018: 忍という名の道具, Shinobi to iu na no dōgu, "The tool called Shinobi"
  • 019: ザブザ雪に散る, Zabuza yuki ni chiru..., "Zabuza disperses into the snow..."
  • 020: 新章突入!中忍試験だってばよ, Shinshō totsunyū! Chūnin Shiken dattebayo, "Breaking intoa new chapter! It's the Chūnin exam"
  • 021: 名乗れ!現れた強敵たら!!, Nanore! Arawareta kyōteki tara!!, "Identify yourselves! The formidable enemies who have appeared"
  • 022: 気合い120% ナウでロックな挑戦状!, Kiai hyaku-nijū pāsento Nau de rokku na chōsenjō!, "Fighting spirit 120% A trendy, rocking challenge"
  • 023: 蹴散らせライバル!新人9人全員集合, Kechirase raibaru! rūkī nainu zenin shūgō, "Defeat the rivals! The Rookie Nine all gathered"
  • 024: いきなり失格?超難関の第一試験, Ikinari shikkaku? Chō-nankan no daiichi shiken, "Suddenly disqualified? The super-difficult first exam"
  • 025: 出たとこ勝負!踏ん張りどこるの10問目, Deta-toko shōbu! funbari dokoro no jū monme, "I'll gamble as the dice are thrown! The 10th question I must hold out on"
  • 026: 絶対必見!死の森直前ルポ!木ノ葉の学級新聞だコレ!, Zettai hikken! Shi no Mori chokusen rupo! Konoha no gakkyū shinbun da kore!, "Absolutely worth seeing! Report just before the Forest of Death! It's the Konoha school newspaper!"
  • 027: 第二試験スタート!周りはみんな敵だらけ!, Daini shiken sutāto! Mawari wa minna teki darake!, "Second exam start! Everybody's an enemy!"

Season Two

  • 028: 喰うか喰われるか!エサになったナルト, Kū ka kuwareru ka! Esa ni natte Naruto, "Eat or be eaten! Naruto becomes bait"
  • 029: ナルト反撃!逃げねーんだってばよ!, Naruto hangeki! nigenēndattebayo!, "Naruto's counterattack! I'm not going to run away!"
  • 030: 甦れ写輪眼!必殺・火遁龍火の術!, Yomigaere Sharingan! Hissatsu: Katon Ryūka no Jutsu!, "Revive Sharingan! Certain kill - Fire Release Dragon Fire Technique!"
  • 031: 激まゆプラトニック!僕は死ねまでアナタを守る!!, Geki mayu puratonikku! Boku ha shine made anata o mamoru!!, "Violent Eyebrows Platonic! I'll protect you until I die!"
  • 032: サクラ咲く!決意の後ろ姿, Sakura saku! Ketsui no ushiro sugata, "Sakura blooms! Showing the back of determination"
  • 033: 無敵のフォーメーション!いのシカチョウ!!, Muteki no fōmēshon! InoShikaChō!!, "Invincible formation! Ino-Shika-Chō!"
  • 034: 赤丸ビックリ!我愛羅、驚異の実力, Akamaru bikkuri! Gaara, Kyōi no Jitsuryoku, "Akamaru surprised! Gaara, miraculous force"
  • 035: のぞき見厳禁!巻き物の秘密, Nozoki mi genkin! Maki mono no himitsu, "Peeping strictly prohibited! The scroll's secret"
  • 036: 分身対決!オレが主役だってばよ!, Bunshin taiketsu! Ore ga shuyaku dattebayo!, "Clone showdown! I am the main character!"
  • 037: 第二試験突破!勢ぞろいルーキーナイン!, Daini shiken toppa! seizoroi rūkī nainu!, "Second exam broken through! Line up rookie nine!"
  • 038: 合格者二分の一!?イキナリ試合だってばよ!!, Gōkakusha nibun ni ichi!? Ikinari shiai dattebayo!!, "Those who've passed cut down to half!? It's a sudden contest!!"
  • 039: ゲジまゆジェラシー!『獅子連弾』誕生!, Geji mayu jerashī! "Shishi Rendan" Tanjō, "Super eyebrows' jealousy! "Lion Combo" is born"
  • 040: 一触即発!!カカシVS大蛇丸, Isshokusokuhatsu!! Kakashi VS Orochimaru, "Critical situation! Kakashi vs Orochimaru"
  • 041: ライバル激突!オトメ心は本気モード, Raibaru gekitotsu! Otome gokoro wa honki mo~do, "Rivals clash! The girls' hearts are in serious mode"
  • 042: ベストバトルはしゃーんなろー!!, besuto batoru wa shānnarō!!, "It's the best battle hell yeah!!"
  • 043: シカマルタジタジ!?くの一達の熱き戦い, Shikamaru tajitaji!? Kunoichi tachi no atsuki tatakai, "Shikamaru overwhelmed!? The kunoichi's heated battle"
  • 044: 赤丸参戦!!負け犬はどっちだ?, Akamaru sansen!! Makeinu wa docchi da?, "Akamaru joins the fight! Who is the underdog?"
  • 045: ヒナタ赤面!観客あんぐり、ナルトの奥の手, Hinata sekimen! Kankyaku anguri, Naruto no oku no te, "Hinata blushes! The audience roars, Naruto's trump card"
  • 046: 白眼開眼!!内気なヒナタの大胆決意!, Byakugan kaigen!! Uchiki na Hinata no daitan ketsui!, "Byakugan unleashed!! Shy Hinata's bold decision"
  • 047: 憧れの人の目の前で!!, Akogare no hito no me no mae de!!, "In front of the person I admire!!"
  • 048: 我愛羅粉砕!!若さだ!パワーだ!爆発だ!, Gaara funsai!! Wakasa da! Pawā da! Bakuhatsu da!, "Gaara demolished!! It's youth! It's power! It's explosion!"
  • 049: 熱血落ちこぼれ!遂に炸裂、禁断の奥義!, Nekketsu ochikobore! Tsuini Sakuretsu, kindan no ōgi!, "Hot-blooded drop out! At last explosion, forbidden secret technique!"
  • 050: 嗚呼ロック・リー!これが男の生き様よ!!, Aa Rokku Rī! Kore ga otoko no ikizama yo!!, "Ah Rock Lee! This is a man's way of life!!"
  • 051: 闇にうごめく影 サスケに迫る危機!, Yami ni ugomeku kage Sasuke ni semaru kiki!, "The shadow that stirs in the darkness Crisis draws near Sasuke!"
  • 052: エビス再び!ハレンチは私が許しませんぞ!, Ebisu futatabi! harenchi wa watashi ga yurushimasen zo!, "Ebisu once more! I won't permit such disgrace!"

Season Three

  • 053: あいやしばらく!エロ仙人登場!, Aiyashibaraku! Ero-sennin tōjō!, "Coming soon! The Perverted Hermit enters!"
  • 054: エロ仙人直伝 口寄せの術だってばよ!!, Ero-sennin jikiden Kuchiyose no Jutsu dattebayo!!, "Directly taught by the Perverted Hermit It's the Summoning Technique!!"
  • 055: 切ない想い 願いを込めた一輪, Setsunai omoi Negai o kometa ichirin, "Painful feelings The single flower with a wish in it"
  • 056: 生か死か!?免許皆伝は命懸け!, Sei ka shi ka!? Menkyo kaiden wa inochi kake!, "Live or die!? Risking one's life to master the move!"
  • 057: 飛んだ!跳ねだ!潜った!ガマ親分登場!!, Tonda! Haneda! Mogutta! Gama oyabun tōjō!!, "He flew! He jumped! He Dived! The Toad boss enters!!"
  • 058: しのび寄る魔の手!狙われた病室, Shinobi yoru ma no te! Nerawareta Byōshitsu, "The evil hand sneaks near! The targeted hospital room"
  • 059: モー烈 モー追 モーダッシュ 本選開始だってばよ, Mō retsu Mō Tsui Mō Dasshu Hansen kaishi dattebayo, "More furious More chase More dash The final selection begins"
  • 060: 白眼VS影分身!オレはぜってー勝つ!!, Byakugan bāsasu Kage Bunshin! Ore wa zettē katsu!!, "Byakugan vs Shadow Clone! I will definitely win!!"
  • 061: 死角ゼロ!もうひとつの絶対防御, Shikaku zero! Mō hitotsu no zettai Bōgyo, "Blind spot zero! One more absolute defense"
  • 062: 落ちこぼれの底力!, Ochikobore no Sokojikara! , "Drop out's hidden power!"
  • 063: 失格!?キケン!前倒し!波乱含みの大本戦, Shikkaku!? Kiken! Maedaoshi! Haran bukumi no daihonsen!, "Disqualification!? Danger! Moving ahead of schedule! The troubled great main battle"
  • 064: 雲はいいなあやる気ゼロの男, Kumo wa ii naa... yaru ki zero no otoko, "The clouds are nice... The guy with zero willingness"
  • 065: 激突!木ノ葉舞い砂うごめく瞬間, Gekitotsu! Konoha mai Suna ugomeku toki, "Clash! The moment the Leaf dances and the Sand wriggles"
  • 066: 1時間ぶっち抜きで サスケが大暴れだってばよ スペシャル, Ichi jikan bucchi nuki de Sasuke ga ōabare dattebayo Supesharu, "One hour straight Sasuke goes wild Special"
  • 067: だてに遅れたわけじゃない!究極奥義・千鳥誕生!!, Date ni okureta wake janai! Kyūkyoku ōgi - Chidori tanjō!!, "I wasn't late for nothing! Ultimate secret technique - Chidori is formed!!"
  • 068: 『木ノ葉崩し』始動!, "Konoha Kuzushi" Shidou!, ""The Leaf's destruction" starts!"
  • 069: 待ってました!Aランク任務だってばよ!!, Matte mashita! A-ranku ninmu dattebayo!!, "I've been waiting for this! It's an A-rank mission!!"
  • 070: 逃げ腰NO.1 めんどくせーがやろっきゃねえ!!, Nigegoshi nanbaa wan Mendokuse~ ga yarukkyanee!!, "Number 1 coward It's troublesome but I've got to do it!!"
  • 071: 古今無双!『火影』というレベルの戦い, Kokon musō! "Hokage" toiu reberu no tatakai, "Unparalleled in history! A "Hokage"-level battle"
  • 072: 火影の過ち 仮面の下の素顔, Hokage no ayamachi Kamen ni shita no sukao, "The Hokage's mistake The true face under the mask"
  • 073: 禁術奥義!『屍鬼封印』, Kinjutsu ōgi! "Shiki Fūin", "Forbidden technique secret! "Dead Demon Seal""
  • 074: 驚愕!我愛羅の正体, Kyōkaku! Gaara no Shōtai, "Shock! Gaara's true shape"
  • 075: 限界を越えて サスケの決断!!, Genkai o koete... Sasuke no ketsudan!!, "Exceeding the limit... Sasuke's decision!!"
  • 076: 月夜の暗殺者, Tsukiyo no ansatsusha, "A moonlit night's assassin"
  • 077: 光と闇 我愛羅という名, Hikari to Yami Gaara to iu na, "Light and darkness The name Gaara"
  • 078: 爆発!これぞナルト忍法帖~~っ!!, Bakuhatsu! Korezo Naruto ninpōchō~~!!, "Explosion! These are the Naruto ninja chronicles~~!!"

Season Four

  • 079: リミットぶっちぎり! ~光と闇~, Rimitto bucchigiri! ~Hikari to Yami~, "Breaking the limit! ~Light and Darkness~"
  • 080: 三代目よ、永久に!!, Sandaime yo, towa ni......!!, "The Third, everlasting......!!"
  • 081: 朝霧の帰郷, Asagiri no kikyō, "Homecoming in the morning fog"
  • 082: 写輪眼VS写輪眼!!, Sharingan tai Sharingan!!, "Sharingan vs Sharingan"
  • 083: おお、のォ~っ!自来也の女難、ナルトの災難, Ō, nō~! Jiraiya no jonan, Naruto no sainan, "Oh, no~! Jiraiya's women trouble, Naruto's misfortune"
  • 084: 唸れ千鳥 吠えろサスケ!, Unare Chidori Hoero Sasuke!, "Roar Chidori Howl Sasuke!"
  • 085: 愚かなる弟よ 恨め、憎め!, Orokanaru otōto yo urame, nikume!, "Foolish little brother Curse, hate!"
  • 086: 修行開始 オレはぜってー強くなる!, Shugyō kaishi Ore ha zettē tsuyoku naru!, "Training commences I'm definately going to become stronger!"
  • 087: 根性!!!割れろ水風船, Konjō!!! Warero mizufūsen, "Guts!!! Pop water balloon"
  • 088: 木ノ葉マークと額当て, Konoha māku to hitaiate, "Leaf mark and forehead protector"
  • 089: 波紋, Hamon, "Ripple"
  • 090: 怒りバクハツ!許さねーってばよ, Ikari bakuhatsu! Yurusanēttebayo, "Anger explosion! I won't forgive you"
  • 091: 初代火影の遺産 死を呼ぶ首飾り, Shodai Hokage no isan Shi o yobu kubikazari, "The First Hokage's inheritance The necklace that brings death"
  • 092: YESかNOか!ツナデの回答, YES ka NO ka! Tsunade no kaitō, "YES or NO! Tsunade's answer"
  • 093: 交渉決裂!!, Kōshō Ketsuretsu!, "Negotiation breakdown"
  • 094: くらえ!怒りの螺旋丸, Kurae! Ikari no Rasengan, "Take it! The Rasengan's anger"
  • 095: 五代目火影 命を賭けた戦い, Godaime Hokage Inochi o kaketa tatakai!, "The Fifth Hokage The battle she wages her life on"
  • 096: 三すくみの戦い, San sukumi no tatakai, "Three-way battle"
  • 097: ナルトの湯けむり珍道中, Naruto no yukemuri chin dōchū, "Naruto's steaming strange journey"
  • 098: 忍者を辞めろ!ツナデの通告, Ninja o yamero! Tsunade no tsūkoku, "Stop being a ninja! Tsunade's notice"
  • 099: 火の意志を継ぐもの, Hi no ishi o tsugu mono, "The one who inherits the will of fire"
  • 100: 熱血師弟の絆~男が忍法貫くとき~, Nekketsu shitei no kizuna ~Otoko ga ninpō wo tsuranuku toki~, "The hot-blooded teacher-student bond ~The time a man must follow his Way of the Ninja~"
  • 101: 見たい、知りたい、確かめたい カカシ先生の素顔, Mitai, Shiritai, Tashikametai Kakashi-sensei no sukao, "Want to see, want to know, want to confirm Kakashi-sensei's true face"
  • 102: いざ新任務 義理と人情と茶国を救え!, Iza shin ninmu Giri to ninjō to Chakoku o sukue!, "Now a new mission Rescue honour, kindness and the Tea Country!"
  • 103: ナルト撃沈!?陰謀うずまく大海原, Naruto gekichin!? Inbau uzumaku ōunabara, "Naruto sinking!? Conspiracy in the swirling ocean"
  • 104: 走れイダテ!嵐を呼ぶ波乱のナギ島!!, Hashire Idate! Arashi o yubi haran no Nagitō!!, "Run Idate! The stormy troubles of Nagi island!!"

Season Five

  • 105: ゴール直前!雷鳴とどろく大激闘, Gōru chokuzen! Raimei todoroku daigekitō, "Just before the goal! A thunder roaring great fierce fight"
  • 106: 届くかイダテ!執念のラストスパート!!, Todoku ka Idate! Shūnen no rasuto supāto!!, "Will you make it Idate! The never-give-up last spurt!!"
  • 107: オマエと戦いたい!ついに激突、サスケVSナルト, Omae to tatakaitai! Tsui ni gekitotsu, Sasuke tai Naruto, "I want to fight you! Finally they clash, Sasuke vs Naruto"
  • 108: 見えない亀裂, Mienai kiretsu, "Unseen crack"
  • 109: 音の誘い, Oto no izanai, "The Sound's invitation"
  • 110, 111: 木ノ葉五人衆+ワン!鉄壁のフォーメーションで 大暴れだってばよスペシャル, Konoha goninshū + wan! Teppeki no fōmēshon de ōabare dattebayo supesharu, "The Leaf Five + woof! We'll go wild with the iron wall formation special"
  • 112: イキナリ仲間割れ!?シカマル小隊大ピンチ, Ikinari nakamare!? Shikamaru shōtai daipinchi, "A sudden split among friends!? Platoon Shikamaru's great crisis"
  • 113: パワー全開!燃えろチョウジ, Pawā zenkai! Moero Chōji, "At full power! Burn Chōji"
  • 114: さらば友よ!それでもオレは信じてる, Saraba tomo yo...! Soredemo ore wa shinjiteru, "Farewell friend...! But still I believe"
  • 115: お前の相手はこのオレだ!, Omae no aite ha kono ore da!, "Your opponent is me!"
  • 116, 117: 今年もナルトだ!クールな男の熱き戦い!天才忍者が大暴れだってばよスペシャル, Kotoshi mo Naruto da! Kūru na otoko no atsuki tatakai! Tensai ninja ga ōabarettebayo supesharu, "It's Naruto again this year! Cool guy's heated battle! Genius ninja goes wild special"
  • 118: 奪還~間に合わなかった器, Dakkan~Ma ni awanakatta utsuwa, "Rescue~To be in time for the container"
  • 119: 失策!新たなる敵, Shissaku! Aratanaru teki, "Mistake! The new enemy"
  • 120: 唸れ!吠えろ!究極のタッグ, Unare! Hoero! Kyūkyoku no taggu, "Roar! Howl! The ultimate tag"
  • 121: それぞれの闘い, Sorezore no tatakai, "Each respective battles"
  • 122: フェイク!男シカマル起死回生の賭け, Feiku! Otoko Shikamaru kishikaisei no kake, "Fake! The guy Shikamaru gambles to recover from a hopeless situation"
  • 123: 木ノ葉の碧き野獣見参!, Konoha no aoki yajū kenzan!, "Meet the Leaf's green beast!"
  • 124: 野獣炸裂!弾けろ吹っ飛べ突き抜けろ!, Yajū sakuretsu! Hajikero futtobe tsukinukero!, "Beast explosion! Burst open, blow off and break through!"
  • 125: 木ノ葉同盟国砂の忍, Konoha dōmeikoku Suna no shinobi, "The Leaf's allies the Sand's shinobi"
  • 126: 最強対決!我愛羅VS君麻呂!!, Saikyō taiketsu! Gaara tai Kimimaro!!, "Strongest confrontation! Gaara vs Kimimaro!!"
  • 127: 執念の一撃!早蕨の舞, Shūnen no ichigeki Sawarabi no Mai, "A never-give-up blow! Dance of the Seedling Fern"
  • 128: 届かない叫び, Todokanai sakebi, "Unreachable outcry"
  • 129: 兄と弟 遠すぎる存在, Itachi to Sasuke tōsugiru sonzai, "Itachi and Sasuke The far away existence"
  • 130: 父と子 ひび割れた家紋, Chichi to ko Hibiwareta kamon, "Father and child The cracked family crest"

Season Six

  • 131: 開眼 万華鏡写輪眼の秘密, Kaigan Mangekyō Sharingan no himitsu, "Open your eyes to the truth The secret of the Mangekyō Sharingan"
  • 132: 親友よ!, "Shin'yuu yo!", "Close friend!"
  • 133: 涙の咆哮!オマエはオレの友達だ, Namida no hōkō! Omae wa ore no tomodachi da, "Howl of tears! You are my friend"
  • 134: 涙雨(なみだあめ)の結末, Namida ame no ketsumatsu, "The conclusion of the rain of tears"
  • 135: 守れなかった約束, Mamorenakatta yakusoku, "The broken promise"
  • 136: 潜入捜査!?遂にきたきた超S級任務, Sennyū sōsa!? Tsui ni kitakita chō-S-kyū ninmu, "Infiltration investigation!? At last it came a super-S-rank mission"
  • 137: 無法者の街 ふうま一族の影, Muhōsha no gai Fūma ichizoku no kage, "Street of outlaws Shadow of the Fuuma clan"
  • 139: 恐怖!大蛇丸の館, Kyōfu! Orochimaru no tachi, "Terror! Orochimaru's mansion"
  • 140: 二つの鼓動 カブトの罠, Futatsu no kodō Kabuto no wana, "Two heartbeats Kabuto's trap"
  • 141: サクラの決意, Sakura no ketsui, "Sakura's decision"
  • 142: 厳戒施設の三悪人, Genkai shisetsu no san akunin, "Three bad men of the strictly guarded facility"


  • 赤き四つ葉のクローバーを探せ, Akaki yotsuba no kurōbā o sagase, "Look for the crimson four-leaf clover"
  • 滝隠れの死闘 オレが英雄だってばよ!, Takigakure no shitō Ore ga eiyū dattebayo!, "Hidden Waterfall's struggle to the death I am the hero!"

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