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The USS Sutherland (NCC-72015) in 2368
The USS Sutherland (NCC-72015) in 2368

In the Star Trek fictional universe, the Nebula class is a common type of starship used in the mid-24th century by Federation Starfleet. The Nebula class design lineage is related to the contemporary Galaxy class, having a similar engineering hull, a similar primary hull and nacelles. The Nebula class differs in the direct integration of the saucer section with the secondary hull, the downward curve of the engine pylons, the attachment of those connections farther fore and higher up on the secondary hull, and the short upward-running pylon supporting a changeable module at the aft end of the engineering hull. In addition, the Nebula class has a different navigational deflector design from the Galaxy class starship. A dome-shaped sensor module seems standard for some Nebula class starships; other modules include at least one variety of triangular pod, possibly a weapons module with many photon torpedo launchers.

The Nebula class was probably first put into service during the 2350s in response to the growing tensions with the Cardassians as well as a replacement for older Federation starship designs. The Nebula class served in many of the major crises of the 24th century such as the Dominion War and Borg incursions.

A commonly seen variant upon the standard Nebula, perhaps a prototype version of the class or an earlier, closely related class, has a longer engineering section, tapering to a point rather than rounded off. Some of these feature a second pair of warp nacelles, scaled down versions of the Nebula/Galaxy nacelles, rather than support for modules; the pylons holding these engines have been seen attached either at the very stern of the secondary hull or higher up, where the module generally attaches. There are also two variant types of hull markings: the standard features the registry number printed on the nacelle pylons and the second, seen on the USS Phoenix, has blank pylons and, instead, the registry number and "United Federation of Planets" on the connections between the pylons and the engines.

In real life, the Nebula class starship was designed by Ed Miarecki, Rick Sternbach, and Michael Okuda for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Known Nebula class starships

  • USS Bellerophon (NCC-62048)
  • USS Bonchune (NCC-70915)
    • Named for Rob Bonchune, the starship Bonchune was the first ship sent to recover the USS Prometheus (NX-74913) from the Romulans before being disabled in 2374. Circa stardate 54973.4, the Bonchune was part of a fleet in Sector 001 to respond to an anticipated Borg incursion when the USS Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant.
  • USS Endeavour (NCC-71805)
  • USS Farragut (NCC-60597)
    • Named for Admiral David Farragut, the starship Farragut rescued the crew of the Enterprise-D from Veridian III in 2371. In early 2373, the Farragut was assigned to evacuate Federation colonists on Ajilon Prime. She was later destroyed by the Klingons near the Lembatta Cluster.
  • USS Garuda (Registry unknown)
  • USS Hera (NCC-62006)
    • Named for the Greek goddess Hera, the starship Hera was commanded by Captain Silva LaForge with a crew of 300, mostly Vulcan. The Hera disappeared circa stardate 47215.5 in 2370 and has not been found.
  • USS Honshu (NCC-60205)
    • Named for the Japanese island of Honshu, the starship Honshu was destroyed by Cardassian warships while transporting Gul Dukat to Starbase 621 circa stardate 51408.6.
  • USS Leeds (NCC-70252)
    • Named for the city of Leeds, England, the starship Leeds made frequent stops at the Deep Space Nine and later participated in the liberation of Deep Space Nine in 2374 during the Dominion War.
  • USS Lexington (NCC-61832)
    • Named for the USS Lexington, the starship Lexington delivered medical supplies to the Taranko colony circa stardate 47611.2 in 2370. In 2371, the Lexington docked at Deep Space Nine and fought against the Borg at the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373 where she suffered 96 dead and 22 wounded. This ship conflicts with the Excelsior class starship of the same name.
  • USS Melbourne (NCC-62043)
    • Named for the city of Melbourne, Australia, the starship Melbourne was stationed at Starbase 74 while the Enterprise-D was stolen by the Bynars circa stardate 41365.9 in 2364. She was offered to Commander William Riker in 2366 but he declined. The Melbourne was later destroyed by the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359 on stardate 43997 in 2366.
  • USS Merrimack (NCC-61827)
    • Named for the frigate USS Merrimack, the starship Merrimack transported Vulcan ambassador Sarek from Legara IV to Vulcan circa stardate 43917.4 in 2367. The Merrimack later transported Ensign Wesley Crusher from the Enterprise-D to Starfleet Academy circa stardate 45208.2. Circa stardate 46357.4, the Merrimack was given a special assignment from the Vulcan Science Academy.
  • USS Monitor (NCC-61826)
  • USS Nebula (Registry unknown)
  • USS Phoenix (NCC-65420)
    • Named for Zefram Cochrane's spacecraft Phoenix, the starship Phoenix was built at the 40 Eridani-A Starfleet Construction Yards, 40 Eridani-A and commissioned on stardate 40250.5 in 2363. Circa stardate 44429.6 in 2367, the Phoenix was commanded by Captain Benjamin Maxwell when he made several unauthorized attacks on various Cardassian ships and an unarmed space station in sector 21503. Circa stardate 44431.7, Captain Maxwell was shortly thereafter relieved of command.
  • USS Prometheus (NCC-71201)
    • Named for the character of Prometheus from Greek mythology, the starship Prometheus was used by Dr. Gideon Seyetik in his project to reignite the dead star Epsilon 119 circa stardate 47329.4. Presumed later destroyed, decommisioned or lost in action.
  • USS Proxima (NCC-61952)
    • Named for the star Proxima Centauri, the starship Proxima was missing in Gamma Quadrant for years prior to 2373 and is assumed to have been destroyed by the Dominion.
  • USS Sutherland (NCC-72015)
    • Named for the HMS Sutherland from the Horatio Hornblower novels by C. S. Forester, the starship Sutherland was built at the San Francisco Fleet Yards orbiting Earth and completed on stardate 44820.5 in 2367 with her propulsion systems built by the Yoyodyne Division. The Sutherland was briefly commanded by Commander Data during the Romulan tachyon blockade circa stardate 45020.4 in 2368. During this time, Commander Data discovered a Romulan task force supplying the Duras sisters. The Sutherland was later commanded by Captain Shelby and assigned to the Ninth Fleet during the Dominion War. She visited Deep Space Nine circa stardate 51247.5 for resupply and again around stardate 51597.2.
  • USS T'Kumbra (NCC-61882)
    • The starship T'Kumbra fought in the Dominion War, commanded by Captain Solok with a primarily Vulcan crew. The T'Kumbra briefly docked at Deep Space Nine in 2375 after six months in combat for an overhaul of the ship's warp core and upgrades to the inertial damper systems. While at Deep Space Nine, Captain Solok challenged Captain Benjamin Sisko to a baseball game.
  • USS Ulysses (NCC-66808)
    • Named for the character of Ulysses, the starship Ulysses studied protoplanetary masses in the Helaspont Nebula and was commanded by Captain Intebi in 2371.

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