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The USS Equinox (NCC-72381), a Nova class starship

In the Star Trek fictional universe, the Nova class is a new type of starship design used by Starfleet. Ships of this class are small scientific vessels with fairly strong defenses. The Nova class design follows a conventional approach to traditional Federation starship design with an angular trowel-shaped saucer section, an engineering hull and two cigar-shaped warp nacelles are attached to the hull by pylons running aft. The main bridge is embedded into the saucer to provide for better protection from enemy fire by blocking against attacks from the side. At the bow of the saucer is the auxillary navigational deflector, lifeboats, sensor platforms, phaser strips and two torpedo launchers. The ship's ventral phaser arrays, a waverider shuttle, additional sensors and more lifeboats occupy the ventral saucer. The engineering hull houses the main deflector dish, shield emitters, two shuttlebays and a warp core. The Nova class is one of the first starships built with an Emergency Medical Hologram system; the shield charging cycle takes 45 seconds.

In real life, the Nova class was designed by Star Trek: Voyager illustrator Rick Sternbach.

Known Nova class starships

  • USS Equinox (NCC-72381)
    • Named for the equinox, the starship Equinox was built at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars and commissioned on stardate 47007.1. The Equinox was commanded by Captain Rudy Ransom when she was transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker in 2371. While returning to the Alpha Quadrant, the ship suffered heavy damage and casualties. In 2375, the surviving crew encountered nucleogenic antimatter life-forms from a different spatial realm, who the Equinox crew used for fuel to return to Earth. After meeting the USS Voyager, the Equinox was destroyed by a warp core breach caused by the lifeforms. Only five crewmembers survived.
  • USS Nova (NCC-73515)
    • Named for the nova, the starship Nova is the pathfinder of its class. However, her registry is higher than the Equinox and the Rhode Island based on a display briefly seen in Star Trek: Nemesis.
  • USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701)
    • Named for the state of Rhode Island, the starship Rhode Island was commanded by Captain Harry Kim in an alternate universe in 2404.

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