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The USS Grissom (NCC-638), an Oberth class starship.

In the Star Trek fictional universe, the Oberth class is a variety of starship used by Starfleet. Oberth class ships are intended to be used as vessels of scientific research or as transports. The Oberth class is possibly the most long-lived class in Starfleet, known to be in active service from the early-23rd century through the 2370s, when it was replaced with the new Nova class starship.

The Oberth class starship follows a unique approach to Federation starship design with a primary hull composed of a platform supporting a small saucer at its forefront and two warp nacelles at its sides. The main bridge, impulse engine and crew quarters are contained in the saucer section; several unknown box-shaped openings in the saucer could be shuttlebays. The secondary hull is a narrower, longer structure shaped like a boat hull. The two hulls are connected by two pylons at the sides.

The contents of the secondary hull and the reasons for the division of the ship are unclear. One plausible theory is that the lower hull is a large sensor platform, separated from the ship to decrease interference caused by particles or energy from a source there. A second is that it is an engineering section (in some theories an entirely automated one) separated to decrease the danger of carrying antideuterium fuel. A third is that it is only for storage of cargo and/or antimatter and the engineering facilities are instead in the primary hull; this is similar to the second explanation in that it keeps the crew farther from the dangerous antimatter but also allows for the warp core in the upper hull to run on any small stores of antideuterium there in the event of a separation.

In real life, the Oberth class was designed by ILM for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Known Oberth class starships

  • USS Biko (NCC-50331)
    • Named for activist Steve Biko, the starship Biko rendezvoused with the USS Enterprise-D at Deinonychus VII circa stardate 46271 in 2369.
  • USS Bonestell (NCC-31600)
  • USS Cochrane (NCC-59318)
  • USS Copernicus (NCC-623)
  • USS Grissom (NCC-638)
  • USS Oberth (NCC-602, ex-NX-602)
  • USS Olympia (Registry unknown)
    • Named for Olympia, Greece, the starship Olympia was commanded by Captain Lisa Cusak during a survey mission in the Beta Quadrant from 2363 to 2371. The Olympia was destroyed in 2371 in the Rutharian sector by a force field around a planet triggered by an active sensor scan while on a long-range survey mission.
  • USS Pegasus (NCC-53847)
    • Named for the character of Pegasus from Greek mythology, the starship Pegasus was a prototype starship equipped with a experimental and illegal cloaking device under the command of Captain Erik Pressman. Circa stardate 36764 in 2358, the Pegasus crew mutinied against Pressman and Ensign William Riker, who were forced to evacuate the ship. The cloaking device fused the plasma relays, causing the plasma to explode and killing all 71 remaining crewmembers. The Pegasus was discovered embedded in an asteroid in the Devolin system circa stardate 47457.1 in 2370 by the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D).
  • USS Raman (NCC-29487 or NCC-59983)
  • USS Springfield (NCC-1963)
  • USS Tsiolkovsky (NCC-53911)
    • Named for scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the starship Tsiolkovsky was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on stardate 40291.7 in 2363. Circa stardate 41209.2 in 2364, the crew died of the Psi 2000 virus while performing a routine mission observing the collapse of a star. The Tsiolkovsky was later destroyed.
  • USS Valiant (NCC-20000)
    • The starship Valiant aided the USS Farragut (NCC-60597) in the recovery of the Enterprise-D crew at Veridian III circa stardate 48650.1 in 2371. Presumed later destroyed, decommisioned or lost in action.
  • SS Vico (NAR-18834)
    • A private vessel, the starship Vico was destroyed in 2368 by its own shields' amplification of the impact of a graviton wave. Only one person survived.
  • USS Yosemite (NCC-19002)
    • Named for Yosemite National Park, the starship Yosemite was damaged while studying the arc of plasma between the two stars of a binary system in the Igo sector circa stardate 46041.1 in 2369. The Yosemite was commanded by Captain J. Swift when she visited planet New Brooklyn IX in 2370 and visited Deep Space 9 on stardate 47552.9 in 2370.

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