Phoebe Halliwell

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Phoebe Halliwell is a character in the television series Charmed. She is played by Alyssa Milano, who is now also a producer of the series.

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Phoebe peers through window

Initially, she has the power of premonition. Later, she developed the powers of levitation and empathy. After being stripped of those powers for a few months, she has recently regained her ability to receive premonitions. She has stated that she doesn't really miss the other abilities all that much. It is unlikely she will regain the power of levitation for financial reasons on the show, and unknown if she will regain her empath abilities.

Phoebe Halliwell was born in her family manor in San Francisco on November 2, 1975 to the good witch Patty Halliwell and mortal Victor Bennett. Phoebe had two older sisters, Prue and Piper and a younger half sister Paige. Phoebe was named after Patty's favorite aunt. Phoebe was born in the Halliwell family manor at 1329 Prescott street, in San Francisco.

Although Phoebe was born with the power premonition Penny bound their powers to keep Nicholas from killing them and taking their powers.

Victor and Patty's mother Penny argued that he couldn't protect his own children from the supernatural since he was merely human, and Victor left.

On February 28th, 1978, Patty was drowned fighting the water demon.

Phoebe and her two sisters were then raised by their grandmother Penny Halliwell ("Grams").

Phoebe was a good student, and once earned an award for student of the month. At the age of 10 Phoebe was transported by a spell cast by her future self to the year 2002, where she met two older versions of herself, her sister Piper, Piper's husband Leo Wyatt, and Phoebe's future ex-husband Cole Turner. Cole protected her from the demon Kurzon and then she visited the realm of whitelighters with Leo. After she helped the older Phoebe listen to her heart about marrying Cole she returned to her own time, where Penny quickly erased her memory of the time travel.

After completing high school Piper and Prue then moved into an apartment together in Northbeach where they stayed until the Penny became ill and they moved back in with her. Prue became engaged to a man named Roger and she asked Piper to be her maid of honor. Roger kept coming on to Phoebe secretly, then claimed Phoebe was making unwanted romantic moves on him. About this time Penny took a picture of the three of them together in front of the manor. Penny planned to use a potion to bind the girls powers forever, but she died before she could use it. Phoebe then left for New York to search for their father.

Six months later, after having fallen on hard times, Phoebe returned to San Francisco and moved back in with her sisters. It was then that Phoebe discovered the Book Of Shadows in their attic and learned that she and her sisters were members of a long line of good witches.

Phoebe is one of three sisters called the Charmed Ones, powerful good witches who protect the innocent.

Phoebe's old boyfriend Clay came into town after helping steal a cursed urn in Egypt. He tried to have Prue auction it off, but when she learned it was stolen she had it removed from the auction. When the guardian of the urn attacked Clay the sisters saved him.

Phoebe was the one who first discovered the Leo was a whitelighter, catching him levitating to reeplace a light bulb. Leo made Phoebe swear not to tell her sisters about him.

Phoebe was once turned evil by the Woogyman, being granted the power to make objects out of shadow, but her sisters saved her. Unhappy with her passive power, Phoebe took classes in self defense.

When the sisters were attacked by the warlock Nicholas, who had a ring that made him immune to their powers, they cast a spell to travel back in time, where they were able to warn Patty and got her to unbless the ring. When they returned they able to vanquish Nicholas.

Phoebe briefly swapped powers with her sister Prue, and gained the ability to move objects with her mind.

When Phoebe started to get hot flashes linked to visions of men being killed, the sisters learned that a Succubus was hunting in San Francisco. The sisters cast a spell to attract the Succubus which turned Prue into a man. They were able to lure the Succubus to her doom.

Phoebe once was granted the power of flight by a Genie, who stole the power from a Dragon warlock, but that power was returned. She developed the power to levitate, but it took some time to learn to control this power.

She started a romance with district attorney Cole Turner, who it ended up was a half demon named Belthazor, sent to kill the Charmed Ones. Although Cole had started out using her to get close to the sisters, they both fell in love.

When Cole's demon half was revealed to the Charmed Ones, Phoebe helped him fake his own death and then let everyone, including her sisters believe he was dead. Phoebe then spent time researching Cole's past, confiding only in Leo that she didn't really vanquish Cole.

When Prue had split from herself during Piper and Leo's wedding, Phoebe was able to summon her back and talked to get back together, with herself.

When the sisters discovered a Banshee demon was killing people who were grieving, they cast a spell to track the Banshee which turned Prue into a dog. Phoebe was effected by the call of the Banshee, and turned into one herself, but was of course saved again by her sisters.

After the death of her sister Prue, Phoebe met a girl Paige Matthews at the funeral. It turned out that Paige was her half-sister, and Phoebe and Piper helped convince her to join them and recreat the Charmed Ones and vanquished Pru's demonic killer, Shax.

When Phoebe swapped bodies with her sister Paige she had her powers, but couldn't control them.

Phoebe was once shrunk to a few inches tall by Gammil's magic wand.

Phoebe authored a spell for vanquishing the Source that used the power of the Halliwell's witch ancestors. She also helped The Seer to put the Hollow back in its crypt.

While Cole started getting nightmares of becoming the new Source, Phoebe started to get a bad feeling about her coming marriage, so Piper suggested she use magic to find out what her heart felt. Phoebe cast the spell to hear her hearts desire, which ended up summoning her future and past selves. Older Phoebe refused to tell Phoebe about the events of the future for fear of changing things for the worse. Learning a young and vulnerable Phoebe was in the present, Kurzon attacked young Phoebe, but Cole protected her. Leo then took little Phoebe to the realm of whitelighters for protection. Kurzon attacked again, wounding older Phoebe. He was vanquished by the Charmed Ones, but not before older Phoebe told Phoebe to marry Cole. This returned the older and younger Phoebes to their own time.

Cole attempted to give up his position of Source of All Evil to an evil wizard, but failed when Phoebe used her baby's powers to kill the Wizard. She then joined Cole as his queen. Once Phoebe became pregnant with the demon son of Cole Turner she started to manifest the ability to shoot flames from her hands and to teleport great distances. Phoebe tried to live the life of evil, as a combination of hormones and demonic potions made her so cranky she ended up vanquishing a good number of Cole's demons. She tried to play both sides of good and evil, but realizing she couldn't Phoebe rejoined her sisters in opposing Cole. Together they cast a spell which used the power of their ancestors to vanquish Cole.

After Cole died he ended up in the demonic wasteland where all demons go after being vanquished. His powers as the source were absorbed by the creature there, but he survived by clinging to his love for Phoebe. Although he tried to get Phoebe to help bring him back to life, she refused and asked him to move on. When Cole learned he could absorb the powers of other demons when they were killed in the wasteland, he collected an impressive array of abilities and escaped it himself, just in time to save Phoebe's life.

Phoebe was transformed into a mermaid by a magical spell, but was turned back when she admitted her love for Cole. Phoebe told Cole that their relationship was completely over and pushed through with trying to obtain a divorce. Despite Cole's efforts to pursue her, Phoebe realized how dangerous their relationship could be and tried to move on with her life, beginning to date other men.

Phoebe was briefly transformed into a super hero by a witch with the power to make his drawings come to life. In this form she had super speed, strength, and was able to stop bullets.

In one final effort to win Phoebe back, Cole cast a spell which altered reality, making it so that the power of three had never been reconstituted after Prue's death which meant they would of never met their long lost half sister Paige. He was disappointed to find that in this other reality he was trapped in a loveless married with Phoebe, who only remained his wife to protect Piper from being killed. By altering reality in this way, Cole resumed his former identity of Belthazor, making him vulnerable to being vanquished. Because Paige also crossed realities, she was able to unite with her sisters to vanquish Cole once and for all and reversed the effects of his spell.

When the Halliwell home started to suffer from hauntings due to all the past evil killed there, Piper summoned a witch doctor to cleanse the home. Although he witch doctor did his job, he was worried about the power the sisters commanded and their susceptibility to all that evil. The council of witch doctors decided it was best for the world if they got rid of the sisters, so they cast a voodoo spell on them, hoping their obsessions would destroy them. Phoebe became obsessed with a competing advice columnist and turned him into a turkey, which she planned to serve for dinner. Leo was able to help the sisters overcome their obsessions and they warned the witch doctors not to come after them again.

Phoebe and Paige were trapped in Piper's spell of reliving her memories as they went through the past of their lives that were about Piper and Leo being together.

Phoebe had a romantic interest with Jason Dean, her new boss at the Bay Mirror. Though he offered to let her come back to Hong Kong with him, she chose to stay with her sisters in San Francisco.

Leo transformed Phoebe into a love goddess to combat the Titans, but later returned her to normal. While she was a love goddess she displayed enhanced physical abilities, the ability to teleport, near invulnerability and the ability to make men love her.

Phoebe recently discovered she was developing the powers of an empath. Because Phoebe is with Jason and is sensing Jason's desires when Gith creates her alternate world, the world is based on Jason's desires rather than her own. In Jason's ideal world, Phoebe is a popular talk show host and he has bought her a penthouse to live in. But his desires soon lead to his destruction when one of Phoebe's fans tries to shoot her and Jason takes the bullet to protect Phoebe. Paige and Phoebe managed to return to their own reality, with Piper and Wyatt as well, as they vanquished Gith.

During a dinner party that Paige arranged as an opportunity for Phoebe to tell Jason that she is a witch, Richard obsesses about karma, convinced that after all the evil his family has caused he is being haunted by his family's bad karma. When Phoebe, Paige, and Piper orb back from the hive, Jason catches them. After being exposed to Phoebe's true nature, and recovering from a temporary loss of consciousness, Jason reels at the idea of magic and distances himself from Phoebe, saying that he needs to concentrate on a merger. Richard reads a spell that he hopes will cleanse his karma, but the spell accidentally sends the karma of Mata Hari, a spy/dancer who was killed by a firing squad during World War I, into Phoebe's body, who happened to arrive back at the manor at the exact moment Richard cast the spell. Controlled by Mata Hari's impulses, Phoebe attempts to win Jason back, but he refuses her. Angered, Phoebe arrives at Jason's merger and puts a curse on it, which brings escargot and frogs' legs to life, casting a blight on Jason's reputation. When several swarm demons attack at the manor, Phoebe helps the drones defeat her sisters and the demons kidnap her. At the hive, she negotiates with the Swarm King, convincing him that the best way to kill the Charmed Ones is to weaken their karma by having a Charmed One kill an innocent Jason. Phoebe, with the help of a few swarm demons, kidnaps Jason and takes him back to the hive, where she plans to put him to death by a firing squad of demons. But Jason remembers the potion Richard gave him and frees Phoebe. Jason gains some perspective on Phoebe being a witch. However, both Phoebe and Jason have been made aware of the problems in their relationship and they decide to take a break.

Phoebe follows a wolf that she saw in the hallway of the Magic School. The wolf leads Phoebe to Enola the shamaness, a student at the school, who sends Phoebe on a vision quest to help her see her future more clearly. On her quest, Phoebe finally manages to reach the portal that takes her to the future. There she sees Piper, an older Wyatt, and a younger boy that turns out to be Piper's second son. Paige has become a teacher at the school, Phoebe is pregnant with a little girl, and they are living a life without demons. Wyatt's brother approaches her, saying, "Aunt Phoebe, we need your help," and she is returned to the present to hear Chris asking, "Phoebe, can you help us?" Phoebe becomes the first one to know that Chris Perry is actually Chris Halliwell, her nephew and Piper and Leo's son.

Chris tries to enlist Phoebe's help to get his parents back together, but Phoebe feels that meddling with Piper and Leo's relationship would be wrong. As Chris tries to persuade her to join his cause, Phoebe gets a premonition and they go to a Middle Eastern desert where they rescue a genie named Jinny from her demonic master. Jinny says that she wrote to Phoebe because her former master, Bosk, is trying to raise an ancient demonic city the lost city of Zanbar and she thought that if Phoebe became her master, Phoebe would wish her free so that Bosk could not use her to re-erect the city. Bosk attacks at the manor, and because of his protective amulet that blocks her vanquishing potion, Phoebe wishes Jinny free. Apparently, Jinny was actually a demon, and she could only be freed only at the expense of the one who freed her, so now Phoebe must pay the price: she has become a genie herself with Chris as her new master. Chris accidentally wishes for Leo to get over his issues with Chris and Phoebe, granting Chris' inadvertent wish, makes Leo become very friendly toward Chris. Chris decides to take advantage of the situation and wishes for Piper and Leo to sleep together and it works, just not as he planned: Piper and Leo fall asleep on the floor. Richard takes the genie bottle, with Phoebe in it, attempts to use it to have PIper love him forever. To make up for his mistake, Richard wishes Phoebe free, and Phoebe and Paige manages to get Jinny back in the bottle.

Since Phoebe decided to take Paige to her high school reunion, Paige tries to educate herself with Phoebe's old yearbook. Phoebe looks over old signatures and reads a poem that turns out to be a spell, flashing Phoebe back to her rebellious teenage self. At the reunion, Phoebe sees members of her old gang: Ramona has not changed much, still latching on to other people for popularity: Todd, her old boyfriend, is married now but still seems to have a thing for Phoebe; Rick, the old gang leader, is in jail for robbing a liquor store. Paula, Todd's wife, calls Phoebe by her high-school nickname "Freebie" out of spite and the spell kicks in, causing her to flash to her old self so Paige and Phoebe hightail it back home. Todd calls Phoebe to apologize for Paula's behavior and confesses the only reason he came was to see her. Paula grabs Todd's phone away and calls Phoebe the magic word, causing Phoebe to change into Teen Phoebe and return to the reunion. There Phoebe causes trouble, casting a spell to make everyone act like seniors again. Looking for her sister, Paige returns to the reunion, so Phoebe leaves with Todd and Ramona by stealing a police car. They visit Rick in jail and after learning that Phoebe is a witch Rick makes her use her powers to bust him out of jail. He decides he wants to use her powers to rob an armored car but when everyone refuses he turns violent, punching Todd, which causes Phoebe to come to her senses and turn back into her normal self. Paige and Piper summon her to the manor, sending her back at her request to help her friends, but in her absence Rick had hidden Ramona and refuses to tell Phoebe where she is until after she helps him rob the truck. During the robbery, Phoebe uses a spell to start a fire as a diversion and while Rick is busy in the truck, she uses another spell to make Rick hear police sirens. Afraid of the police, Rick leaves the scene of the crime and drags Phoebe back to the manor. Using Phoebe as a hostage, Rick insists that Paige use a spell to give him a new appearance and Phoebe suggests that she uses their nephew for inspiration. Paige gives Rick Chris' appearance, which attracts a group of Scabbar demons who had been after Chris and, thinking he is Chris, the Scabbar demons kill Rick.

Phoebe starts using her premonitions to find herself her future husband.

When the Charmed Ones go on trail Barbas admits to a plan to trick them out of their powers, but argues that he still has a point the Charmed Ones are risky with their magic. He turns the bulk of his accusation against Phoebe, who has been using potions to force premonitions recently, which Paige thinks might have led to Insp. Sheridan catching them. The Tribunal reverses their decision to kill Darryl, but they decide Phoebe must suffer the consequences for using her powers for personal gain, so she loses her powers of premonitions, levitation, and empathy. This is a "temporary" punishment and she has the possibility of earning them back if she uses her magic correctly.

Phoebe kills demons using the Power-Sucking Athame and steals their powers to become all-powerful, and later Paige used the athame to stab her, and got the powers out of her.

Phoebe and Paige travel to the Parallel Universe and meet their evil duplicates, teaming up with them to defeat Gideon and save their nephews Chris and Wyatt.

Phoebe decides to take a sabbatical from work. Elise, instead of just rerunning Phoebe's column for two months, hires a ghost writer, Leslie St. Claire. She laters fall in love with him, though she doesn't want her column to be written by a male writer. Phoebe eventually gets her column back as well her power of premonitions.

She had befriended Kira the Seer, as Kira showed her her future daughter, thanks to the Avatars. Only a short time before she was going to help Kira lead a normal, mortal life, she was vanquished.

Phoebe has gained a romantic interest in the new litterature teacher at Magic School, Drake. Unfortunately his only problem was that he was destnied to die after two weeks, but he managed to fufill his mission that he was sent to do by none other than Cole, to restore Phoebe's faith in love...

Phoebe and her sisters destroyed Zanku and the nexus. Now the normal people and the demons think they are dead. It will be their chance to finally get a normal life.


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