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This article is on the Sovereign class used by Starfleet in the Star Trek fictional universe. For information on the Sovereign-class of ship used by the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars universe, see Super Star Destroyer.
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The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E), a Sovereign class starship

In the fictional universe of Star Trek, the Sovereign class of starships was the most advanced and powerful type of ship in Starfleet from the mid-2370s onward. The Sovereign class design is similar to traditional Federation starship design with a ellipse-shaped saucer section directly attached to the engineering section. The main bridge, lifeboats, sensors, the main shuttlebay and phaser arrays are on the dorsal surface of the saucer section while additional phaser arrays, a captain's yacht and additional lifeboats occupy the ventral side of the saucer. The sleek engineering section features the main navigational deflector, two large warp nacelles, main torpedo launchers and an additional shuttlebay.

With 24 decks and measuring 685.1 meters in length, it was longer but less massive than the Galaxy class that preceded it. As of 2379, the Sovereign class starship Enterprise is the flagship of Starfleet.

Numerous encounters with advanced threat forces during the 2360s-70s, namely the Borg and the Dominion, prompted Starfleet to emphasize the class' battle potential over exploration capabilities, making it the most powerful starship in Starfleet in its day. The Sovereign class was equipped with type-twelve phaser arrays (the most powerful available for starship use at the time), quantum torpedoes, and standard photon torpedoes.

As with the Galaxy class before it, Sovereign class vessels underwent at least one major upgrade only a few years after entering service, namely to increase the quantity and coverage of the ship's weaponry. This refit occurred sometime between the events of Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis. Like the Galaxy class, the Sovereign class was capable of saucer separation; however, this ability has not yet been observed.

In real life, the Sovereign class was designed by Rick Sternbach, Herman Zimmerman and illustrator John Eaves for Star Trek: First Contact.


These specifications are from Star Trek Technical Manuals and other official but non-canon sources. Weapons counts have been determined by observing on-screen footage as well as examining pictures of official models. The canonicity of this method is in dispute.

  • Production facility: San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth
  • Type: Explorer
    • Height: 88.5 m
    • Length: 695.8 m
    • Beam: 250.0 m
  • Decks: 24
  • Displacement: 3,205,000 metric tons
  • Accommodation: 855 standard; 4,855 emergency evacuation capacity
  • Propulsion:
  • Fuel Source: 1 Class XII Quantum Fusion Warp Core Reactor
    • Ultra-high density cold Deuterium tanks pumped through Isokinetic Matter/Anti-matter Injectors
    • Quantum Dilithium crystals fed to Anti-proton pumpjets
    • 6 Matter/Anti-Matter Transkinetic Reactor mix chambers
    • 2 Class X Auxiliary backup redundant power distribution Warp Core Reactors
    • Fuel Replenishment: Bussard Ramscoop Collectors
    • 12 Quantum Fusion Impulse Reactors
  • Performance: Warp 7 normal cruise, Warp 9.75 maximum cruise; Warp 9.99875 maximum rated (estimate)
  • Weaponry:
    • 12 type XII phaser arrays (original); 16 type XIII phaser arrays (refitted)
    • 4 photon torpedo launchers: 2 forward, 2 aft (original); 8 or more photon torpedo launchers: 3 forward, 5 or more aft (refitted)
    • 1 quantum torpedo multi-warhead turret launcher (firing rate of 4 torpedoes per second per one second volley)
    • Full Spectrum EM/Quantum Navigational Deflector dish array
  • Defenses:
  • Auxiliary vessels:
    • At least 12 auxiliary craft stored in two shuttlebays, including at least one Class VIII shuttlecraft
    • 1 warp-capable captain's yacht, embedded in the ventral area of the saucer
    • Possibly other types of craft
    • 160 Emergency Lifeboats: capacity of 8 per lifboat

Known Sovereign class starships

A three-quarters view of the starboard aft of a Sovereign class starship
A three-quarters view of the starboard aft of a Sovereign class starship
  • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)
    • Commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the Enterprise-E was launched on stardate 49027.5 from the San Francisco Yards and patrolled the Romulan Neutral Zone for one year. Circa stardate 50893.5, the Enterprise fought in the Battle of Sector 001 before being transported back to 2063 where she was partially assimilated by the Borg attempting to prevent first contact. In 2375, the Enterprise-E prevented the relocation of the Baku people from their planet in the Briar Patch in sector 441. Circa stardate 56844.9, the Enterprise underwent a refit and later was ordered to Romulus to meet with new praetor, Shinzon, who built the Reman warbird Scimitar. The Enterprise was severely damaged while fighting the Scimitar in the Bassen Rift in sector 1045.
  • USS Sovereign (NCC-75000, ex-NX-75000)
    • The starship Sovereign was the pathfinder of its class.

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